Car insurance for over 80s

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Car insurance for the over 80s

Last updated: 29 September 2020

No matter what your age, you can always find car insurance. But it may come at a price you consider unreasonable. There are some insurers that will only cover you up to the 70 or 75 or 80 years old. Others may increase prices.

When you pass a certain age it can be harder to find a policy and your premiums may start to go up. It always pays to shop around, finding as many quotes as you can for your circumstances. You can do this on this site. You should always shop around no matter how long you have been with your present insurer..

Why does over 80s car insurance cost more?

Statistics show that drivers over 80 are more likely to be involved in a crash and cause serious injury to others or serious damage to their car or someone else’s property, so insurers tend to charge more to cover the increased risk.

Is there a maximum age for car insurance?

Yes, many insurers set a maximum age on their policies, often between 70 and 110 years old. Some insurers offer policies with no maximum age although a number increase the costs substantially as you age. This may make these policies difficult to afford.

How do I get the cheapest car insurance for over 80s?

Yes, there are several things you can do to get cheaper cover. Try these 10 easy ways to cut your car insurance costs.

There are several other things you can do to make sure you get the best cover:

Ways you can keep the cost down

Shop around: Comparing lots of different quotes is one of the best ways to find the cheapest deal.

Drive fewer miles: When you apply think carefully about how many miles you drive during the year. The fewer miles you declare the lower you quote will be. Those who are 80 and over are likely to drive less.

Drive safely: Maintaining your no claims discount if you have one is a great way to cut the cost of motor insurance; five or more years can mean a discount of up to 75%.

Should you protect your no claims discount?

Most insurers will offer a protected no claims discount in return for an extra premium. This means the level of discount will not go down – if it does because your policy is not protected, then subsequent years will be impacted as well.

Remember you are protecting the percentage discount, not the annual premium. This can rise substantially if you make a claim. However, the discount is transferable so you can shop around for a new insurer.

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