Yes, but there are some companies that will only cover you up to the age of 75 years old.

When you pass a certain age it can be harder to find a policy and your premiums may start to go up.

There are other things you can do to make sure you get the best cover:

Look for specialist providers

Some insurers specialise in insurance for older drivers by offering specific cover and competitively priced quotes. These policies can include:

  • Get you home service that covers emergency travel or accommodation if you are stranded after an accident or breakdown

  • Any driver cover that means someone else can take over driving in an emergency

  • Message relay service that will contact a friend or relative if you have an accident

Try not to pick a policy based on these extras alone though, make sure the deal you choose offers all the other cover you need too; this guide explains what is covered under a car insurance policy.

Ways you can keep the cost down

  • Shop around: Comparing lots of different quotes is one of the best ways to find the cheapest deal.

  • Drive fewer miles: When you apply think carefully about how many miles you drive during the year. The fewer miles you declare the lower you quote will be.

  • Drive safely: Maintaining your no claims discount if you have one is a great way to cut the cost of motor insurance; five or more years can mean a discount of up to 75%.

For more help, try these 10 ways to cut your car insurance costs.