Business gas prices vary between suppliers depending on your business circumstances, so you need to get quotes from different energy companies to find the best deal.

How big is your business?

This affects which tariffs you can get because some energy companies only supply businesses of certain sizes. Types of businesses that can be covered include:

  • Small: This is suited to businesses with low gas usage and micro businesses. Check if you are a micro business.

  • Large: This is suited to businesses with high gas usage, for example restaurants or companies with a large space to heat.

  • Multi site: This is suited to businesses that need service at more than one location. You usually get a discount if you need multi site service.

Which tariff?

The price of your business gas is affected by which tariff you pick:

  • Fixed: The price of your gas stays the same throughout your contract, but you may be tied in for up to four years. This stops you from switching until your contract ends.

  • Flexible: You pay for the gas you need up front, which lets you take advantage of low rates if your usage is high. However, you may lose out if prices drop after you buy.

  • Eco: The gas supply comes from renewable sources, so the gas is more eco friendly. The price of eco tariffs vary, so compare quotes to find the best price.

Which contract length?

You can usually choose a contract of between 12 and 48 months, but some contracts run for longer. Think about:

  • How long you plan to stay at your business premises

  • Whether the size of your business is likely to change

  • How often you want the flexibility to switch supplier

If you choose a fixed term contract, you cannot switch supplier until your contract ends, so compare as many quotes as possible to get the cheapest rate.