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Compare business gas tariffs

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Why compare business gas tariffs?

Energy isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Switching to a different tariff could save you money on your business’s gas bill, which could be vital if you’re looking to keep a tight rein on costs.

Deal with your business energy supply in the same way that you would deal with your home energy supply – compare business energy suppliers and switch as regularly as possible.

Deal with your business energy supply in the same way that you would deal with your home energy supply.”

What options do I have?

The size of your business affects which tariffs you can get because some energy companies only supply businesses of certain sizes.

Types of businesses that can be covered include:

Small: suited to businesses with low gas usage and micro businesses. Check to see if yours is a micro business

Large: suited to businesses with high gas usage – for example, restaurants or companies with a large space to heat

Multi-site: aimed at businesses that need energy at more than one location. You usually get a discount if you opt for multi-site service

Which business gas tariff should I choose?

The cost of your business gas bill will be affected by the type of tariff you choose. Here are three possible options:


Your gas unit price stays the same throughout your contract, but you may be tied in for up to five years. This prevents you from switching until your contract ends.


You pay for the gas you need upfront, which lets you take advantage of low rates if your usage is high. However, you may lose out if prices drop after you buy.


The gas supply comes from renewable sources or is carbon offset to make it more eco-friendly. The price of renewable tariffs vary, so compare quotes to find the best price.

How long should I commit?

You can usually choose a contract of between 12 and 60 months, but some contracts run for longer. Think about:

  • How long you plan to stay at your current business premises

  • Whether the size of your business is likely to change

  • How often you’d like to be able to switch supplier

You can’t switch supplier until your contract ends once you sign up to one, so compare as many quotes as possible to get the cheapest rate.

Here’s how to switch your business gas

How to find the best business gas tariff

Business gas prices vary between suppliers depending on your business circumstances, so you need to get quotes from different energy companies to find the best deal.

Instead of contacting each business energy supplier individually, you can save time by comparing business gas deals through our energy experts.Just give them your business address postcode and they will search for the best business gas tariff to meet your needs.


Can I switch tariff if I have a fixed contract?

Unless you're on a deemed contract, you can only switch your business gas tariff if you’ve entered your renewal period or your contract has ended. Your supplier will contact you 60-120 days before the end of your contract so you can start shopping around. Find out more about switching supplier here.

Can I get dual-fuel for my gas and electricity?

No, business energy companies do not offer dual-fuel rates. It may work out that getting both fuels from the same supplier is the cheapest deal for you, but you need separate contracts for your business gas and electricity.

Do I have to take a meter reading before I switch supplier?

Yes, you’ll need to give your new supplier an up-to-date meter reading, and your old supplier a final reading to ensure you are billed correctly. Here’s how to manage your switch.

Do I have to pay a standing charge on my business gas?

No, but while it’s possible to get a business energy tariff with no standing charge, it may not be the cheapest option. However, it could offer good value if your business doesn't use a lot of energy. Compare tariffs with no standing charge here.

Do business gas prices vary depending on contract length?

Yes, you may be able to get cheaper gas if you pick a longer contract. It does means that you can’t switch until the contract ends, so consider carefully how long you're willing to be tied into your business gas contract.

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