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These companies can cover your car as it gets older and is more likely to breakdown. You can compare the different types of cover they offer to help get a cheaper deal to keep you on the road.

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How to get breakdown cover for your older car

If your car is over ten years old, it can be more difficult to get a breakdown policy.

This is because they are more likely to breakdown and can be more expensive to repair.

You can use this comparison to find providers that can protect your older vehicle.

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What type of policy do you need?

There are two types of breakdown policy you could get for an older car:

  • Vehicle breakdown cover: This covers you when you are in the car named on your policy only.

  • Personal breakdown cover: This covers you whether you are the driver or a passenger in your, or anyone else's car.

Some providers only cover old cars if you get a vehicle breakdown policy, so check the terms and conditions carefully.

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Can you cover classic cars?

Yes, most breakdown policies that cover older cars will be able to protect your classic vehicle.

Classic cars are usually more expensive than other older vehicles, and are often at least 20 years old.

Check the policy carefully to make sure your classic car is covered. Some breakdown companies will not cover vehicles over 16 years old, but others can protect cars of any age.

Choose the right cover

To find the best breakdown policy for your older car, think about the level of cover you want.

Here are the different options available:

  • Roadside assistance: This gives you cover when you breakdown away from home.

  • Home start: This gives you cover if your car breaks down at home.

  • Vehicle recovery: This gives you the option to have your vehicle towed to a location, including your home or preferred garage.

  • Onward travel: This gives you a hire car and covers the cost of hotel accommodation if your car cannot be repaired straight away.

Once you know what cover options you want for your older car, use this comparison to get as many quotes as possible.

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Breakdown cover for older cars FAQs

What age of car can I get cover for?

Some providers cover cars of any age but others will not offer you a policy if your car is over ten years old, so check the terms carefully.

Is breakdown cover more expensive for older cars?

It depends, because some providers charge a set fee no matter what car you drive. Others look at how likely your car is to breakdown so may charge more.

Can I get European breakdown cover for my older car?

Yes, most European breakdown policies can cover cars over ten years old.

Do I need to own the car to get breakdown cover?

If you choose a personal cover policy you will be covered as the driver or passenger in any car.

Can I claim if I breakdown at home?

Yes, but only if you include home start cover in your policy. Here is how to work out what cover you need.

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