All travel insurance offers repatriation cover as standard, so you should think about what else you need when looking for the best policy:

  • Have existing medical conditions? Make sure you cover any health issues you have so you are protected should you fall ill while away.

  • Aged over 65? If so, cover can be limited and more expensive so look for policies designed for older travellers.

  • Need winter sports cover? If you are going skiing or snowboarding you will need a policy that covers your activities and equipment.

  • Going backpacking? If you are, look for a specific policy that can cover your extended trip.

What is repatriation?

It covers the cost of being taken back to the UK from anywhere in the world if you suffer a serious injury or illness while abroad. You can use repatriation cover when:

  • You miss your departure due to illness or injury and have to return on a different flight

  • You are taken back to the UK by an air ambulance following a serious accident

It is usually covered under the medical expenses section of a travel insurance policy, and because it can be expensive you should look for at least £1 million of cover.