To find the best travel insurance policy for your needs, it helps to compare the cover you get and how much the policy will cost.

The level of cover each insurer can offer include:

  • Medical cover: This is the amount your insurer will pay for any medical attention you may need abroad.

  • Maximum trip length: Whether you are going to Australia once or a few times in the next year, you need to cover the length of your trip. Cover can start from 31 days, but some policies offer up to 120 days of cover.

  • Cancellation cover: Find a policy that offers this type of cover in case you need to cancel your trip. Make sure the amount of cover if enough to cover your flight and accommodation costs.

If you are travelling with any pre-existing medical conditions, you need to tell your insurer about it before you travel.

Why get travel insurance for Australia?

As Australia is on the other side of the world to the UK, you should consider getting cover in case you are stuck in the country longer than planned.

For example, repatriation cover will pay for your return flight if you miss it due to being in hospital. This is likely to cost more if you are further from the UK.

Get as many quotes as possible for the cover you want then choose the cheapest policy.