If you regularly travel abroad an annual multi trip policy could save you time and money.

It can cover you for every trip you take in a year and means there is no need to take out a separate policy every time you travel.

Do you need an annual policy?

It depends on how many trips you will make during the year. If you are only going away on one summer holiday for example, a single trip policy could be cheaper.

If you know you will be going away twice or more you should consider annual travel insurance. This guide explains how to choose between an annual and single trip policy.

Where can you travel to?

It depends on your policy, but most insurance companies give you the choice of travelling to:

  • Europe

  • Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean islands

  • Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean islands

Your insurance policy will cover travel to countries within the territories you have chosen.

However, some countries may not be covered if they are considered dangerous by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) so check first.

How long can you travel for?

Each trip you take will have a duration limit, which means you will only be covered for a certain number of days.

Most policies offer trip durations of at least 30 days, and some offer as much as 90 days' trip cover. Our comparison shows what trip duration cover each insurer offers.

Some policies also set a total trip duration limit, for example a total of 180 days during the year. This means all your trips during the year cannot add up to more than 180 days.

What does it cover?

Annual travel insurance covers the same things as single trip policies, including:

  • Medical expenses

  • Cancellation and delay

  • Baggage and personal money

  • Cost of getting home if you are ill, known as repatriation

Our comparison above shows what cover options each insurance company offers, so you can find the best protection for your trip.

Annual travel insurance FAQs


Should I get a single or annual multi trip policy?


If you travel two or more times a year annual cover can be cheaper. This guide will help you choose which is right for you.


How long can I go away for?


It depends on your policy, but most insurers offer maximum single trips lengths of between 31 and 365 days.


How can I get cheaper annual travel insurance?


The best way to get the cheapest deal is to shop around for quotes using the table above. You can also try these 8 ways to cut your travel insurance costs.


When should I start my annual travel insurance policy?


You should buy your policy as soon as you book your holiday so you will be protected against cancellation before you travel.


Can I get annual travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?


Yes, but it can be more expensive and not all insurers will cover you. This guide explains how to find travel insurance with pre-existing conditions.


Do I need annual travel insurance in Europe if I have an EHIC?


Yes, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) only gives you access to basic state-provided healthcare when in European Economic Area (EEA) countries.


Will annual travel insurance cover me if I travel for business?


Yes, and some policies offer business cover as an extra to cover things like your laptop, mobile phone and any other business equipment.

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