Multi pet insurance lets you cover two or more pets under the same policy and can give you a discount for each one you add.

Each pet will have their own claim limit, which means you will not have to spread the cover between them.

It can make your pet insurance easier to manage, especially if you have several animals, because you only have one policy to deal with.

Will it save you money?

It could, but it can also be cheaper to get separate policies for each of your pets with different insurers, even though multi pet can earn you a discount.

Here is more information on how multi pet insurance works, and how the cost compares to getting individual policies.

What discount can you get?

Most multi pet policies give you a discount for each pet on the policy, as either:

  • A fixed amount, for example 12

  • A percentage discount for each pet added after the first, for example 10%

Get quotes from several multi pet insurers to find the best discount. Use the comparison above to compare pet insurers that offer a multi pet discount.

How to find the best cover for multiple pets

  • Use the comparison above to find a policy that lets you cover your all of your pets and gives you a discount

  • Get quotes for separate policies with different insurers and compare the cost because this could be cheaper

  • Choose the option that gives you the cover you need for the best price

Makes sure you check each policy to see what cover it offers. This guide explains how to find the right policy for your pet.

Multi pet insurance FAQs


Can I cover more than one pet on the same policy?


Yes, a multi pet policy can cover two or more pets and could earn you a discount. Here is how to insure multiple pets at once.


How many pets can I insure on one policy?


It depends on the insurer, but the limit is usually between six and ten pets.


Can I insure different animals on the same policy?


Yes, most multi pet policies only cover dogs and cats under the same policy, but some can cover other pets, like rabbits and guinea pigs.


Can I cover my older pet?


Yes, but many insurers set a maximum age limit on their policies, for example eight years old for dogs and cats. Here is how to find cover for your older pet.


Can multi pet insurance cover existing conditions?


Most policies do not, but some cover conditions if your pet has been symptom free for at least two years. Find out more here.