If you have a pet dog, they may need more insurance cover than other animals.

Vet treatment for dogs can cost more than for other household pets, so work out what cover your dog needs before you find a policy.

What cover do you need?

Most pet insurance policies will give you cover against:

  • Vet fees: You can claim back the cost of vet treatment during the term of your policy. Our comparison shows how much cover each insurer can offer for vet fees.

  • Death: Most insures will pay the purchase price of your pet if they die due to an accident or illness, but this cover could be removed when your pet gets older.

  • Theft or straying: If your pet is stolen or goes missing, your policy can cover the price you paid for your pet. Some also cover the costs of advertising when your pet is lost.

  • Boarding fees: If you have to go into hospital and cannot look after your pet, the cost of kennel fees can be covered by your policy.

Here is more on what is covered by a pet insurance policy, including how much cover you should look for.

Can you cover older dogs?

Yes, but pet insurance can become more expensive as your dog gets older.

Old or senior dogs are more likely to fall ill or suffer an injury, and some insurers will not cover dogs over the age of eight years old.

Here is how to find the best policy for your older dog.

Do you need third party liability cover?

Yes, because it could save you a lot of money. It is only available for dogs, and can protect you financially if you have to pay compensation or legal costs because your dog:

  • Injures or kills another person

  • Damages someone else's property

If any of these things happen, third party liability could cover your costs if someone takes you to court.

This comes as standard with many policies but not all. If it is not included, you should be able to add it to your policy as an optional extra.

Dog insurance FAQs


Can dog insurance cover existing conditions?


Most policies do not, but some can cover conditions if your pet has been symptom free for at least two years. Find out more here.


Can I cover my pedigree dog?


Yes, but make sure you get the right policy because pedigree dogs can be more prone to illness. Here is how to insure your pedigree pet.


How do I claim on my dog insurance?


You need to send a claims form to your insurer. Here is what you need to do to make a pet insurance claim.


Can I cover more than one dog on the same policy?


Yes you can get a multi pet policy that covers two or more dogs, and it can earn you a discount. Here is how to insurance multiple pets at once.