Updated Date: 2nd November 2020

Shared ownership mortgages are part of a government scheme that could help you buy a property if you're a first time buyer, or have a low income. You can take out a mortgage on the share you own (usually between 25% and 75%) and pay rent on the rest.

This comparison includes every mortgage you can use to buy a shared ownership property in the UK.

How do mortgages for shared ownership work?

If you can't afford a mortgage on 100% of a property, you could take out a shared ownership mortgage. They come from shared ownership mortgage lenders, and can be used to buy between 25% and 75% of a home. A housing association owns the rest of your home, and you pay rent to them.

For example, if you got a mortgage to buy 75% of a 200,000 property, your 75% shared ownership would be worth 150,000. You would pay rent on the remaining 25% that is owned by the housing association.

How much does shared ownership cost?

You usually have to pay:

The mortgage

You take out a mortgage for shared ownership on the portion of the property that you own. You can check how much the mortgage will cost using a shared ownership calculator.

Getting a shared ownership and buying a house also come with several other fees and costs that you will need to take into consideration.

A deposit: 50% shared ownership example

This is the amount of cash you will need to pay towards buying your home. Deposits are typically 5% or more of the share of the property you buy.

For example, if you bought 50% shared ownership of a 200,000 house, your share would be worth 100,000. A 5% deposit on this amount would be 5,000.


The housing association will charge rent on the share of the property they own. The more of your property you own yourself, the less rent you will pay.

Shared ownerships: Remortgages

If you already own your home through the mortgages shared ownership scheme, you could save money by getting a shared equity remortgage if you can find a cheaper deal.

Best mortgages for shared ownership

Find the best shared ownership mortgage using this shared ownership comparison table, which includes deals available from shared ownership mortgage lenders throughout the UK.

By using the shared ownership mortgage comparison you should be able to find the best shared ownership mortgage rates to suit your needs.

Staircasing with a remortgage

This is when you increase your share of the property by buying more of it when you remortgage. Although increasing the share that you own will raise your co ownership mortgage payments, you will get a discount on your rent and you could eventually own your home outright.

Is shared ownership available all over the UK?

The UK schemes include Shared ownership England, Shared ownership Wales, Shared ownership Scotland and FairShare in Northern Ireland.

Shared ownership mortgage FAQs


Am I eligible for shared ownership?


Yes, if your household income is 80,000 a year or less. If you live in London the limit is 90,000.


How can I save a deposit?


Here is how to save up for a deposit. Saving a 5% deposit gives you a better chance of being accepted and could help you get a 5% shared ownership mortgage.


Does my credit record matter?


Yes, it will show lenders if you can keep up with repayments on a mortgage, so bad credit could put them off. Here is why your credit record matters.


Can I afford a shared ownership mortgage?


Check if you can afford one by working out how much you earn and spend. Compare this to how much buying a home will cost you.


What is a part buy part rent mortgage or part ownership mortgage?


These are alternative names for shared ownership mortgages.


Can I use a shared ownership mortgage broker?


Yes, this mortgage broker could help you find suitable deals from shared ownership mortgage companies by looking at your financial circumstances.

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