If your boiler stops working it could leave you without heating and hot water, as well as an expensive repair bill.

The cost of repairing or replacing your boiler can run into the thousands of pounds, so it pays to have an insurance policy that can cover it.

What does it cover?

A boiler cover policy can cover the cost of:

  • Replacement parts

  • Calling out an engineer to your home

  • Annual boiler service

What can you claim for?

Most policies cover repairs and replacements for:

  • Boiler and controls, which means you can call out an engineer if your boiler or the thermostat stop working.

  • Central heating, which means you can cover the cost of repairs to things like your radiators and hot water cylinder.

If you want a policy that can also cover things like your plumbing, drains and home electrics, consider getting home emergency cover.

Here is what a home emergency policy can cover you for.

Check the claim limit

Most policies have a maximum amount you are covered for each time you make a claim.

This is usually between £250 and £1,500 depending on the insurer or cover provider, but some policies offer unlimited cover.

If you have an expensive boiler, make sure your policy can cover the cost of replacing it if it breaks down. It can cost up to £4,000 to replace your boiler, so use look to see what limit each policy offers.

Watch out for exclusions

All boiler cover policies include exclusions that are not covered, for example:

  • Older boilers, for example over seven years old

  • General maintenance

  • Non gas appliances

  • Faulty showers or taps

Most iproviders only cover gas boilers, but you can find policies for boilers that use oil. Check what fuels each policy covers and to find the best service plan for your boiler.