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How to find cheap temporary car insurance

Temporary car insurance can be a cheap and useful option if you only need to use a car for a day, a single trip or a few weeks. To take out a policy first get permission from the car's owner, then:


Get permission before you get behind the wheel

Before you do anything else make sure you have permission from the vehicle's registered owner to drive it


Select a one day insurance provider

Look at what's included, as well as any age restrictions and maximum vehicle values that might apply


Enter a few details about the car and yourself

Nothing complex here, just a brief account of who you are and your driving history


Apply for the policy and wait for confirmation

One day car insurance takes just a few minutes to apply for and be confirmed in most cases

Temporary car insurance deals

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Safely Insured Short Term Car Insurance
European cover
Third party only as standard
Policy term
1 day to 84 days
Standard excess
Safely Insured Short Term Car Insurance
Safely Insured compares quotes from the UK’s leading temporary insurers, you can find the right policy for a price that suits you. Comprehensive cover from 1-84 days for drivers between the ages of 19-75, Also offering Impound & Learner Driver Cover.
This is an insurance broker.
Available Direct
Available Online
Minimum Age19 years
Maximum Age76 years
Permanent UK Resident
Sterling Short-Term Car Insurance
European cover
Third party only as standard
Policy term
1 day to 30 days
Standard excess
Sterling Short-Term Car Insurance
Download Sterling's short term app. Sterling's temporary car and van insurance offers the same protection and level of cover of an annual policy, and is brilliant value for money. Sterling covers a wide variety of vehicles and drivers aged 21 or over.
This is an insurance broker.
Available Direct
Available Online
Minimum Age21 years
Maximum Age79 years
Permanent UK Resident Short Term Car Insurance
European cover
Third party only as standard
Policy term
1 hour to 30 days
Standard excess
£250 Short Term Car Insurance
For peace of mind all dayinsure's temporary insurance policies are underwritten by Aviva, their key partner, or other insurers and breakdown cover is provided by RAC. Dayinsure covers drivers aged 18 to 75 and is available for Cars, Vans and Motorhomes.
Available Direct
Available Online
Minimum Age18 years
Maximum Age75 years
Permanent UK Resident
Online User Experience Award Winner: Digital Experience Awards 2020 Short Term Car Insurance
European cover
Policy term
1 hour to 28 days
Standard excess
Varies Short Term Car Insurance
Find flexible temporary car and van insurance from Tempcover in just 90 seconds. From just 1 hour up to 28 days, drivers aged 17-78 can find a policy to suit hundreds of everyday situations when a few hours, days or weeks insurance is all you need.
This is an insurance broker.
Available Direct
Available Online
Minimum Age17 years
Maximum Age78 years
Permanent UK Resident Learner Driver Insurance
European cover
Policy term
2 hours to 5 months
Standard excess
£250 Learner Driver Insurance
For peace of mind all dayinsure's temporary insurance policies are underwritten by Aviva, their key partner, or other insurers and breakdown cover is provided by RAC. Dayinsure covers drivers aged 18 to 75 and is available for Cars, Vans and Motorhomes.
Exclusively available to learner drivers.
Available Direct
Available Online
Minimum Age17 years
Maximum Age35 years
Permanent UK Resident

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What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary (or short-term) car insurance can be used when you only need to take a car on the road for a short time. This could be for an hour, a single day, a few weeks, or somewhere in-between.

You can apply in a few minutes and get covered almost as fast. Short-term policies offer fully-comprehensive cover as standard, although extras like breakdown cover are usually an optional extra.

Temporary insurance may be useful as a cheap, convenient and more flexible alternative to amending your existing car insurance policy if you need to drive a different car. On the other hand, it may not be suitable for you – you need to compare prices and know exactly the level of cover you need in order to find out.

Car insurance 4:3 graphic

Why do I need temporary car insurance?

It’s illegal to drive in the UK without insurance, but if you only need to drive for a brief period, a short-term policy may be the best way to ensure you’re covered.

For example, one-day car insurance could be a good option if you’re:

  • borrowing a family member or friend’s car

  • driving a car home after buying it from a seller

  • driving someone else’s car in an emergency

  • learning to drive in a family member’s or friend’s car

  • hiring a car to go on a trip

  • test driving a car before buying

  • topping-up cover when using a courtesy car

  • driving a vehicle that you only use occasionally, like a classic car

Can I get temporary car insurance?

Not everyone or every vehicle is eligible for temporary car insurance. There are specialist policies available that cover most of the population, but it’s worth checking the following criteria before you apply.

Your age

Insurers may set a minimum and maximum age to take out a one-day policy.

The car’s value

The maximum vehicle value you can get cover for - as cars costing more than this will not be covered.

The excess

The standard excess that’s payable in the event of a claim. Here’s how car insurance excess works.

How does temporary car insurance work?

Temporary car insurance is quick and easy to set up. If you’re arranging it yourself to use someone else’s vehicle, you’ll need their permission.

The same applies when you’re buying a car and you want to be covered from the moment you pick it up. In that case, you’ll be setting up your daily car insurance before the vehicle technically belongs to you, so you’ll need permission.

The good thing about short-term car insurance is that your no-claims bonus won’t be affected if you need to make a claim – although you will still need to tell your insurer if you’ve been in an accident that’s your fault.

It also works on rental cars. It’s a good way to get more comprehensive cover than comes as standard and can be used in the EU as well as in the UK.

Short-term cover is not, however, a replacement for an annual policy. There are restrictions on how many temporary car insurance policies you can take out in a year.

You’ll need to share some information with the temporary car insurance provider to get a policy. This includes:

  • Your name and address
  • Your licence details
  • Your driving history
  • Details about the car you're insuring
  • When you want the cover to start
  • How long you want the cover for
  • Your passport details (if you're getting temporary European car insurance)

Does temporary car insurance offer the same cover as annual car insurance?

The cover you get as part of a comprehensive temporary car insurance policy will usually be identical to that of a comprehensive annual policy, although a few companies will only offer third-party cover on short-term policies.

If you don’t know which kind you need, you can compare the two levels of cover to see which suits you best.

What is not included with short-term car insurance?

As with all insurance policies, there are some exclusions that apply to short-term car insurance. These include:

  • damage or theft because the keys were left in the ignition

  • the car being driven by someone not named on the insurance

  • the type of vehicle not being covered by the policy

  • using the vehicle for a purpose that’s excluded in the policy’s terms and conditions

There are also rules as to who can get temporary insurance. You’re likely to struggle if you:

  • have any motoring convictions or points on your licence, or pending prosecutions

  • are a new driver who’s had their licence less than a year

  • are under 21 or over 75

  • are looking to drive a vehicle that exceeds a certain value

"Short-term car insurance can be a great option if you need to borrow or use a car you don’t own for a day, a week or even a month.

"It’s not a replacement for an annual policy, and almost always costs more per day than traditional insurance, with limits on how often you can use it as well."

Is temporary car insurance expensive?

The average cost for a one-day policy is just £42¹, but how much you pay will depend on how much of a risk the insurance company considers you to be. If you’re younger or have less experience, then you may end up paying more than an older driver.

There are ways to bring the cost down, such as paying a larger up-front fee, opting for a higher excess or driving a less valuable or less powerful car.

What about three- to six-month car insurance?

If you need short-term cover for longer – for example, for three to six months – it can be cheaper to take out and subsequently cancel an annual policy, but you do need to factor in cancellation costs.

Find out whether you need short term car insurance

Can I get daily car insurance for driving in Europe?

Driving in europe graphic 4:3

You can, but a temporary car insurance policy bought for the UK isn’t likely to give you as much cover in Europe. A fully comprehensive UK policy might only offer third-party cover in Europe, for example. That means you could face a huge bill if you need to claim, and you’d also have to find a way to get the car back to the UK.

It might be better to buy specific, temporary European car insurance.

Buying temporary or short-term car insurance to drive in Europe

You can pay for extras when you do this, such as European breakdown cover or additional drivers.

You need to give the insurance provider the same information you’d need for a UK temporary car insurance policy, and you’ll also need to provide your passport details to drive in Europe.

Can I get cheaper short-term car insurance?

The factors that might influence the price of your daily car insurance include:

  • your age

  • where you live

  • your driving history

  • what vehicle you want to insure

Those aren’t necessarily things you can change, so getting a daily or weekly insurance policy can be expensive. Your best bet is to shop around, remembering that it’s more important to find the right temporary car insurance than it is to find the cheapest policy possible. You may want to consider searching for annual car insurance if you plan to insure your car for longer than three months.

How to find cheap daily car insurance

It’s the right cover – not the cheapest price – that should be the most important factor to consider. You can compare short-term car insurance policies to find out which cover is appropriate.

  • Short-term car insurance always works out more expensive than annual insurance because you pay day by the day. The excess fee can often be higher, too

  • Don’t focus too much on finding cheap short-term car insurance, decide what cover you need first

  • Always compare short-term car insurance to find the best deal for your needs

You can compare temporary car insurance at the top of this page.

Alternatives to temporary car insurance

There are three main ways to cover yourself to drive a car in the short term. You could:

  • Take out a full insurance policy and cancel it when you no longer need it. Factor in cancellation fees, which could total as much as £70

  • Be added as a named driver to a policy already existing on the car. This may incur an extra cost in the form of a policy alteration charge, and may increase the price of the policy if you are seen as riskier than the current drivers

  • Use a ‘drive any car’ clause on a policy you already have. You’ll be legal to drive the car, generally with third-party cover only

These also often come with restrictions surrounding your age and profession that can see some drivers excluded as shown in the following table.

Short-term car insuranceAdded as named driverDrive any car clause
Cover levelFully comprehensiveSame as the main policyThird party only
No claims impactNoneYes - but on their policyYes
Age restrictionNoNoOver-25s
Work restrictionsNoNoSome jobs excluded
Car restrictionsLimited by valueNoNo

Short term car insurance FAQs

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¹Figure from Tempcover for average policy purchases in December 2020

Last updated: 27 April, 2022