What is Pass Plus car insurance?

Find out about Pass Plus and what it means for the cost of your car insurance

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What is Pass plus?

The Pass Plus scheme is a government-approved training course aimed at improving road safety. 

    How much is Pass Plus?

    Pass Plus course fees are between £150 and £200 however:

      What are the benefits of Pass Plus?

      Pass Plus helps prevent accidents; drivers who have passed an advanced driving course like Pass Plus are regarded as safer motorists. 

        What is a pass plus certificate?

        When you complete the course and can show you have met the required standard, you are awarded a Pass Plus certificate. 

        You will need this certificate to trigger a discount from your car insurer.

          Can you fail Pass Plus?

          No, you can’t fail Pass Plus, the course is an assessment not a test but to get the Pass Plus certificate you need to reach a certain standard

            Each module must be completed to an achieved or exceeded standard:

              How much does Pass Plus reduce insurance?

              If you have just passed your test you will be paying more for car insurance than an experienced driver

                The British Insurance Broker’s Association (BIBA) says the amount of discount you’ll get for a Pass Plus certificate depends on the insurance company. 

                  How much you pay will also depend on other factors such as:

                      Where do I take Pass Plus?

                      You can do the Pass Plus course through your driving instructor.

                        How long does Pass Plus take?

                        Pass Plus is a six-hour course with six modules. 

                          How do I get the Pass Plus certificate?

                          You are assessed during the course and to get the certificate you’ll have to reach the required standard in all six modules.

                          What does the Pass Plus course cover?

                          The Pass Plus course’s six modules cover:

                          Driving in town

                            Driving in all weathers

                              Rural roads

                                Night driving

                                This teaches drivers how to drive after dark and is why the course is ideal for newer drivers and includes:

                                  Dual carriageways 

                                  Although the driving test does cover dual carriageways newer drivers might not feel as though they’ve got to grips with them. 

                                  This module focuses on:


                                    Many newer drivers will have had a lesson on the motorway after passing their driving test but as with dual carriageways, probably won’t have spent much time on them. In this module you’ll learn:

                                      Does Pass Plus give me a car insurance discount?

                                      When you finish your Pass Plus course, you’ll then get a training report form from your instructor showing that you’ve reached the required standard in all modules. 

                                        Other reasons to take Pass Plus 

                                        Not all car insurance providers will offer a discount but over the long term taking an advanced driving course will make you a safer driver, with a better claim’s history. This in turn will reduce your car insurance premiums over time.

                                        What are the benefits of Pass Plus?

                                        BIBA recommends the Pass Plus course is best taken by drivers in their first year of driving, 

                                          Road safety charity Brake says drivers age 17-24 years old  at a much higher risk of crashing than older drivers. 

                                            Advanced driving courses

                                            There are other advanced driving courses. All are based on Roadcraft, aa safe driving system endorsed by the police and other emergency services

                                            IAM RoadSmart

                                            IAM RoadSmart is an independent road safety charity and runs advanced courses for motorists. 

                                            RoSPA’s advanced driving test

                                            RoSPA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, runs an advanced driving test.

                                              RoSPA has three levels of driver safety: bronze, silver and gold.

                                              How to get cheaper car insurance?

                                              The amount of motoring experience you have under your belt will determine how expensive your car insurance is

                                              If you are a younger driver you might want to shop around for car insurance aimed at younger drivers

                                              There are some things you can do that may reduce the cost of your car insurance:

                                                Black box car insurance

                                                Having a black box fitted means your driver behaviour is monitored. The telematics box reports on how you accelerate, brake and negotiate sharp bends as well as what time your drive and on what sorts of roads. 

                                                The data is analysed, and if your scores are positive, your car insurance may be discounted over time.

                                                Lowering mileage 

                                                If you drive fewer miles in a year this could result in a lower car insurance premium.

                                                Parking in a private driveway

                                                Parking in a private driveway or garage can also attract a discount. Car insurers may take into account where you park, depending where you live.

                                                A multi car insurance policy

                                                If your driveway is cluttered with cars, you may want to consider a multi car insurance policy

                                                Choosing a car from a lower insurance group

                                                The lower the value of the car and the cheaper it is repair, the less car insurance you may have to pay. 

                                                Car insurance is just one of the costs of keeping your car on the road along with tax, petrol and servicing, so cut your insurance costs by comparing the best deals for you.