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Could you save money on running your business?

Keeping your costs down is one of the easiest ways to boost profits, whether you're a sole trader or run a huge company. Use our easy comparisons to see if you can save money across a range of business financial products.

How to get your business finances sorted

There are four areas of your business finances that are worth regularly reviewing:

Get the finance your business needs

Accessing the funds you need to grow, manage your cash flow, or invest in new ventures can make a big difference to the success of your business.

It's important you choose the right product and shop around to find the cheapest option. You can use our business comparisons to look for:

  • Loans: ranging from £1,000 up to £1,000,000+

  • Credit cards: to help you manage your business expenses

We also cover specialist business finance areas like:

Sort your day-to-day spending

Your business bank account is at the centre of your finances, so as your business grows check you've still got the best account.

If your business has cash reserves you want to get a return on, you can compare savings rates here.

Protect your business

Getting the right insurance for your business is crucial to fulfil your legal obligations and to protect your business should something go wrong.

There are two main policies you must have by law:

Look carefully at the cover your business needs, not just what you need to have by law. Find out how to insure your business here.

Here is how business insurance works

Cut the cost of your overheads

The less you can spend on your day-to-day costs, the more revenue you will have left as profit.

Utility costs represent some of the biggest outgoings for businesses, especially those with large premises.

Our business gas and business electricity comparisons can help you check if you're paying too much.

Here is how to get the best business gas tariff

Here is how to choose the best business electricity tariff