How to insure multiple pets at once

If you have more than one pet it can be cheaper and easier to insure them on the same policy. Here is how to get the right multi pet insurance for you.

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What is multi pet insurance?

It is a pet insurance policy that covers two or more pets at once.

Your pets will be grouped under the same policy, but each pet will have a separate claim limit. So if you have cover of £5,000 for vet fees you can claim up to this amount for each pet.

There is usually a limit of between six and ten animals you can cover under a multi pet policy, depending on the insurer.

Will multi pet cover save you money?

It can be cheaper than insuring each pet separately because insurers can offer a discount for each animal you add to a multi pet policy.

There are two ways insurers can give you a discount:

A fixed amount discount

Some insurers offer a set discount for each additional pet on the policy, usually £12 a year.

If you have a cat and two dogs to insure under a multi pet policy with a discount of £12 per pet:

  • Two dog insurance quotes of £200 each per year

  • Cat insurance quote of £150 per year

  • A discount of £12 for each pet

  • Total policy price £550 - £36 = £514

A percentage discount

Other insurers offer a percentage discount for each additional pet added after the first, usually around 10%:

  • Cat insurance quote of £150 per year with no discount

  • Two dog insurance quotes of £200 per year with a 10% discount of £20 each

  • Total policy price of £550 - £40 = £510

Make sure you insure the pet that will cost the least to cover first, so you that the discount is applied to the more expensive pets.

Check separate policy quotes too

Do not assume a multi pet discount will always make it your cheapest option.

You should still shop around for individual policies for each of your pets to see if this works out cheaper. You might find:

  • Two dog insurance quotes with different insurers for £175 each

  • A cat insurance quote of £125

  • Total of all policies would be £475

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What does it cover?

Multi pet insurance will give you the same protection as a standard policy, including cover for:

  • The cost of vet treatment

  • The death of your pet through illness or accidental injury

  • Theft of your pet

Here is everything a pet insurance policy should cover

Can you add and remove pets?

Yes, most insurers will let you add or remove pets from your policy.

  • Adding pets: You will need to call your insurer to add extra pets to an existing policy. You should get a discount for the pet you add, as long as you have not exceeded the pet limit for the policy.

  • Removing pets: Most insurers will let you remove a pet from your policy and reduce the cost if you have not made a claim. However, if you have claimed you may need to pay the full amount until the end of the policy period.

How to find multi pet insurance

To find the best cover for multiple pets you should:

  • Compare multi pet policies that can cover all of your pets

  • Get quotes for separate policies too because this could work out cheaper

  • Choose the polices that offer the best cover for your pets

This guide explains what pet insurance cover you should look for.

Protect your pet with the best possible cover by comparing pet insurance deals. Find the right policy for your furry friend at the right price!

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