You can protect yourself against the cost of your cat or kitten getting ill or straying with a pet insurance policy.

Vet fees can cost you thousands of pounds if your cat is seriously ill or injured, but you can cover these costs with the right pet insurance policy.

What does it cover?

A pet insurance policy should protect you and your cat against:

  • Vet fees: You could claim back the cost of vet fees if your cat needs medical treatment. Our comparison shows you how much cover each insurer offers.

  • Theft or straying: You could claim back the cost of paying for a reward and advertising if your cat goes missing or is stolen.

  • Death: You could claim back how much you paid for your pet if your cat passes away because of an illness or accident.

  • Boarding fees: You could claim back the cost of cattery fees if you have to go into hospital and cannot look after your cat.

If you have a pedigree cat you should look for high levels of cover for vet fees and theft, because they can be prone to certain illnesses and are attractive to thieves.

You do not need third party liability cover for your cat because they are considered free spirits under UK law, which means you are not responsible for any damage they cause.

Look out for exclusions

Make sure you check the policy documents before you buy, because many insurers include exclusions that could stop you making a successful claim, such as:

  • Your cat's age: Some insurers will not cover older pets, so check to see what age each insurer can cover when you get quotes.

  • Pre existing medical conditions: Most pet insurers will not cover your cat's existing medical conditions.

  • The vet you use: You may have to use vets specified by your insurer.

This guide includes what exclusions to look out for, so you know how to make sure your pet insurance pays out.