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How to find a UAE exchange money transfer

You can send money to Dubai by using a money transfer service. It works by exchanging your pounds to UAE dirham before it arrives in your chosen Dubai based account.

To get the best UAE money exchange, look for the lowest transfer fee and exchange rate for the amount you want to send.

Use this comparison to check the fees from transfer companies that let you send money to the United Arab Emirates.

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Before you send money to Dubai...

Check the fees for the transfer you want to make, and find out whether you could cut the cost:

  • If you want to send a one-off transfer, the fee is usually fixed so you know the upfront cost before setting up and sending your transfer.

  • If you plan on making several transfers, you could save money by choosing a company that offers a regular transfer option.

Get the best exchange rate for your transfer

Exchange rates change all the time, but some companies let you secure the current rate for a transfer due in the future.

This lets you fix your transfer costs in advance, so you know what you're paying. However, you could lose out if the rate gets better by the time your money is sent.

You may also want to check the cost of sending money through your bank.

Most banks use SWIFT to transfer money abroad, but it usually costs more than the fees charged by money transfer companies.

Should you use an international money transfer?

Money transfers to the UAE FAQs

They deduct their costs from the interbank rate (the rate banks use to exchange currencies with one another) to give you a personalised rate.

It usually takes between one and three working days for your money to arrive overseas, but you may have the option to pay extra for a faster delivery time.

Use this comparison to find the cheapest transfer fee, but also consider the exchange rate when choosing the best deal.

Some transfer companies only let you send money to an account in your own name. Check this before sending your money to avoid any delays.

They are FCA regulated, which means they are responsible for protecting your funds until they have been sent to the receiving account.

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