Compare money transfers to Kenya

These providers let you transfer money to Kenya. If you need to send your money to Kenya you can compare the rates, services, and fees of these providers and find the one for you.

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How to get the best money transfer to Kenya

To help you find the best deal when sending money to Kenya, you need to consider:

  • The transfer fee: This is what you pay to make a single transfer to Kenya

  • The exchange rate: This tells you how many Kenyan shillings you get for each pound you transfer

  • If you could save money by arranging multiple transfers: Some companies offer a discount when you plan several transfers at once

Use this comparison to check the transfer fee from each online money transfer company.

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Should you use your bank instead?

Only if you can guarantee you are getting the cheapest fee and the best exchange rate for sending your money to Kenya.

Here are the main differences between using your bank or an international money transfer service to send your money abroad:

  • Using your bank: They send your money using a SWIFT transfer, which costs around £20. You can only make a SWIFT transfer from a current account or savings account with the same bank.

  • Using a money transfer company: You may have to pay a transfer fee up to £7, but not all companies charge one. Unlike a SWIFT transfer, you can transfer money from a current account at any bank.

It is usually cheaper to use a money transfer service than your bank, but make sure you compare as many companies as possible to find the best deal.

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