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Last updated: 1 May 2022

What is military life insurance?

Available to members of the armed forces and veterans, military life insurance pays out a lump sum when you die, so you can make sure your family will be looked after financially once you’re gone.

It is designed to accommodate the specific needs and lifestyle of those in the armed forces, but it can also cover you if you die at work, by natural causes or even in an accident.

It can be tricky for a member of the armed forces to get standard life insurance, due to the increased risks that come from working in the military. If you can find an offer of standard life insurance, it can be very expensive. Specialist military insurance can be simpler and cheaper.

How is military insurance different from standard life insurance? 

The cover isn’t likely to be much different from the life insurance you’d take out if you were a civilian. The main difference is that your policy is likely to be more expensive because of your increased risk.

Can you get short-term service life insurance?

A short-term service life insurance policy only covers you for a period of deployment and can be expensive. 

The details you give an insurance company only need to be accurate at the time you apply, so if you take out a policy at the riskiest time, you can expect to pay more.

Do I need military life insurance?

To help you decide whether you also need military life insurance, ask yourself:

  • Would your family be able to make their mortgage payments and afford daily expenses if you passed away?

  • What financial impact would your death have on your family?

If the answers worry you, military life insurance could be a good idea. It could give you peace of mind that your family would be financially secure if the worst happened because it guarantees your family a specific payment.

When you work for the armed forces, you should already get death in service compensation as part of your contract. The amount depends on your time in service, your rank and your cause of death.

How to get military insurance

You can get quotes for military insurance by completing our broker form.

Although anyone can apply for military insurance, it is not guaranteed you’ll be accepted. When you apply, an insurer collects the following information to decide if you can have cover:

  • Your age: more insurers are likely to accept you the younger you are

  • Your health: if you’re healthy and don’t smoke, you have a better chance of being accepted

More about life insurance

How to choose the best service life insurance cover

Before you apply for service life insurance, consider the following questions:

  • How long do you want your cover to last? The longer the policy term, the better the chances are of your family receiving payment when you pass away

  • How much cover do you want? This dictates how much your family gets if you die during your policy term. The bigger the payment, the more expensive your monthly premiums 

How to choose the right life insurance policy

How much is military life insurance?

The price of military life insurance varies but is affected by several factors.

Insurance providers look at how much risk you pose to them. They also take into account factors such as:

  • your age

  • your role in the armed forces

  • whether you smoke

  • your general health and medical history

  • the length of the insurance term

  • the amount of cover you want

Working in the military comes with increased risks. By asking about your role, the insurance provider is assessing your likelihood of being deployed and your risk of danger. A bomb disposal expert, for example, is likely to pay a higher premium.

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