If you stopped getting an income due to being out of work, could you afford to pay your mortgage? If your answer is no, you should consider a mortgage protection policy.

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) will pay you a monthly income for a set term if you cannot work, e.g. 2 years.

Most insurers let you choose a payout that matches your monthly mortgage repayments. Some insurers also let you add cover for your bills, for example an extra 25%.

What cover can you choose?

When you apply for mortgage protection, you can choose from three types of cover:

  1. Accident and sickness

  2. Unemployment

  3. Accident, sickness and unemployment

You can get an income paid to you for a set term, with most policies offering a payout term of up to two years.

If you would like a policy that pays out an income for a longer term, get quotes for a standard income protection policy instead.

How much does it cost?

The price of income protection is affected by:

  • Your age

  • Your health, including any pre-existing medical conditions

  • Your type of job

  • The payout you choose

When you apply for a policy, make sure you give correct information about yourself. If you do not, your insurer may not pay out when you make a claim.

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Mortgage protection insurance FAQs


Do I need a mortgage to get income protection?


No, but you do need a mortgage if you want to get mortgage payment protection insurance. Here is more information about income protection.


Can I get income protection if I am self employed?


Yes, but you will need to provide a year's audited accounts to prove your income when you apply. Compare self employed cover here..


How long does an income protection policy last?


Most insurers offer cover up until you retire, but others specialise in shorter term cover for 12 or 24 months.


Does it pay out if I lose my job?


You can get cover for redundancy, but you will not get a payout if you get fired. Find out more about income protection here.


Can I cover 100% of my income?


Some insurers could offer to cover 100% of your income, but still set a maximum amount, e.g. 100% of your income or 50,000 a year.


Does income protection pay out if I die?


No, income protection only covers your income for the term of your policy. Look for a life insurance policy if you want a payout for dying.

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