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Horsebox insurance is a specialist area and we work with some of the UK’s leading brokers to ensure you’ll get the best value cover for your needs.

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Last updated: 16 July, 2021

What types of horsebox insurance are there?

Similar to car insurance, there are two main types of horsebox insurance:

  • Comprehensive, and

  • Third party, fire and theft.

You’ll also find cover options to choose from regarding whether you use your horsebox for social, domestic and pleasure or for a business purpose.

Are there any restrictions that could affect getting an horsebox insurance quote?

Most of the horsebox insurance providers are happy to provide a quote regardless of the weight or height of your horsebox. However, this may be subject to underwriting criteria and you must of course provide all the required information to your insurer when taking out your policy.

Is driving other vehicles included within my horsebox insurance policy?

As horsebox cover is a specialist type of insurance, driving other vehicles is excluded from horsebox insurance policies. You will need other cover to insure you on other vehicles.

Am I covered driving my horsebox abroad?

Driving your horsebox outside or the UK and abroad doesn’t necessarily have additional costs – foreign driving cover is generally an optional add-on to the standard horsebox insurance policy. Some policies may, however, include it as standard so please check with your insurer if it's something you're looking for specifically.

Do horsebox insurance policies include cover for the horse when in transit?

It’s important to note that cover for the horse itself when in transit is excluded from all horsebox insurance policies. You should arrange additional insurance to cover your horse elsewhere.

Horsebox insurance FAQs

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