While there's lots we can do to stay as healthy as possible: eat a good diet, stay away from cigarettes and take regular exercise, unfortunately there are times when our body needs a bit more help despite our best efforts.
Of course the NHS is always an option and in many cases is able to provide perfectly satisfactory treatment. However, there may be a bit of a wait and occasionally you might not be able to get the specific treatment or hospital you want. Alternative therapies such as osteopathy and acupuncture are increasingly becoming available on the NHS but it's still a bit of a lottery and cutbacks can often mean services become backlogged or are even withdrawn.
Health insurance for people over 70 can therefore offer an extra dimension and additional treatment options to what's available on the NHS and should be considered a good addition, rather than a full replacement.

Things to look for from over 70s health insurance

Private health insurance for over 70s works in much the same way as cover for any other age bracket. It can however be more difficult to source as some companies stop offering cover at age 70 or younger.
Although your choice may be limited there are still a number of companies in the market who offer health insurance for people over 70 so knowing which one to pick is essential.
The basics of health insurance for over 70 year olds is fairly straight forward; decide what level of cover you want to have and then compare over 70s health insurance quotes to find the best deal.
However, whilst it may seem relatively easy to pick the best provider it is worth taking a closer look at what's on offer as you could find yourself quid's in if you pick the right insurance.
As well as offering both inpatient and outpatient care, some providers also offer a money back service if you need to see a dentist, optician, osteopath or chiropodist, all of which are more likely if you are aged over 70. The right type of policy can even help with the cost of everyday essentials such as hearing aids and glasses.
You might even be given free access to a specialist 24 hour phone service by some insurance companies, a useful source of information and support as and when you need it.
Therefore when you carry out an over 70 health insurance comparison, looking at the freebies and additional extras can help highlight the companies that offer the very best value for money.

Will your medical history have a bearing on which policy you choose?

If you have reached age 70 without suffering any significant health problems, you can consider yourself a very lucky individual indeed!
Whether it's something as simple as high blood pressure or raised cholesterol or a more serious condition such as cancer or a heart attack, medical insurance for over 70s with health conditions is a common requirement.
The underwriters at each insurance company will want to take a good look at your medical history and will probably need some detailed information from you before they give you a quote.
The vast majority of private health insurance providers will only offer underwritten policies to customers aged 70 or over, rather than the blanket cover with standard exclusions. Whilst this may seem to reduce the choice of cover available, in reality this is the only way to get health insurance for over 70s with pre-existing medical conditions. Blanket cover - also known as a moratorium - automatically excludes pre-existing conditions whilst insurance which is individually underwritten allows individual terms to be offered.
Remember, while it can be tempting to withold information on any treatment or conditions you have had in the past to make your quote cheaper, doing so could invalidate you policy making it worthless should you need to make a claim at a later date. For this reason, it's best to be honest and upfront about your medical history from the outset.