Health insurance policies can cover the cost of private medical treatment for your baby, child or teenager. They can pay out for a range of medical treatments not included on the NHS if your child is ill or injured.

You could take out individual insurance for your child only, or get a policy to cover your whole family.

What does it cover?

The benefits include:

  • Treatment and diagnostic tests from private specialists not available on the NHS

  • Shorter waiting times

  • Access to private hospitals, which could include their own room

  • Accommodation for parents, meaning you could stay in the hospital with your child

Check the exclusions

Health insurance policies cover a different range of:

  • Symptoms and illnesses, e.g. some cover diabetes but others do not

  • Treatments they can pay out for, e.g. some cover physiotherapy but others do not

Most policies also do not cover pre-existing conditions or emergency healthcare, but your child could still get this through the NHS. Each company also offers a range of hospitals and clinics you can choose from.

Before you apply for a policy, make sure it covers the private healthcare your child might need, and that there are hospitals they let you use nearby.

How much does it cost?

Health insurance comes with two main costs:

  • The monthly premium, which you pay until the policy ends

  • The excess, which is how much you pay towards any claim you make

Choosing a policy with a higher excess can make your monthly premiums cheaper. But this means you have to pay more if you make a claim.

How to find children's health insurance

You can use our health insurance broker to get a range of quotes for your child. They can also help you decide which policy is right for you.