Health insurance in the UK can pay for private medical treatment if you are ill or injured after you take out the policy. It can cover a range of treatment you can't get for free on the NHS.

How to find the right health insurance

If you want help finding health cover, you can contact a broker. They can get you a range of quotes and help you choose the best policy based on your needs and medical history.

Use our broker to get quotes by phone or by filling out your details.

Work out what cover you need

Before you take out a healthcare plan, decide what you need it to cover, including:

  • Which illnesses, symptoms and injuries

  • Which treatments need to be included, e.g. physiotherapy

Covering serious illnesses like cancer or treatment for pre-existing conditions like asthma could make your private medical insurance more expensive. But it could be worth it if you need private healthcare for these conditions.

How much is health insurance?

Private health insurance policies come with two mains costs:

  • The premium, which is how much you pay for it each month

  • The excess, which is how much you have to pay towards the bill when you claim

Most companies also have limits on how much they can pay out every year and for each:

  • Individual claim you make

  • Condition

  • Type of treatment

Choose a policy

Find policies that cover all of the conditions and types of treatment you need.

Some policies let you pick exactly what cover options you include. They base the price on what you choose to add, which can be the cheapest way to get exactly the cover you need.