What cover do you need for a golf buggy?

If you own an electric golf buggy or cart, the right insurance policy can protect you if you have an accident. Here is how golf buggy insurance works.

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What is golf buggy insurance?

It is extra cover you can add to a golf insurance policy. It covers you when using a golf buggy, but some insurers offer it as a standalone policy too.

It is designed to cover a buggy you own. If you rent a buggy from your golf club, they should have their own insurance to protect them if it is lost, stolen or damaged. However, a standard golf insurance policy will only give you public liability cover if you have an accident and injure a third party, or damage property.

What does it cover?

It protects you financially against:

  • Theft or vandalism

  • Damage after an accident

  • Public liability, e.g. if you injure someone

It covers you during the operative time, which is when you leave your home or place of work, until you return after playing golf. It can include the time you are away on a golfing holiday.

Your buggy should also be covered where it is kept, provided it is securely locked away.

Here is what golf insurance covers

What types of policy can you get?

Most insurers give you a choice of two types of golf buggy policy:

  • Cover while your buggy is kept at your golf club

  • Cover while your buggy is kept at your golf club and at home

Some insurers also let you choose between a:

  • New for old policy, which can replace your buggy with a brand new one if it is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

  • Market value policy, which would pay out to cover the current second-hand value of your buggy.

How much does it cost?

Golf buggy insurance can cost between £30 and £100, but how much you pay depends on what cover you choose, and the price of your buggy.

For example, if you want home and golf club cover for a buggy worth over £2,500, it will cost more than a golf club only policy for a buggy worth £1,000.

How to choose the right buggy insurance

To find the right cover, think about:

  • How much your buggy would cost to replace

  • Where your buggy will be kept

  • If you already have a golf insurance policy

golf insurance policy gives you public liability cover when using your buggy, so you only need buggy insurance if you want to cover the cost if it is stolen or damaged.

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