Wedding insurance for abroad

A wedding insurance policy could offer cover to help take the stress out of your overseas wedding.

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How to insure your wedding abroad

Most policies offer the same cover for your wedding, including cover for rings, suppliers and your venue, if it takes place abroad or in the UK.

However, there are extra benefits and exclusions with overseas wedding insurance you should be aware of.

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Extra cover for weddings abroad

Overseas wedding insurance policies should include essential document indemnity.

This means you will be covered if any of the important documents you need to get married abroad need to be replaced.

These include things like:

  • Passports

  • Visas

  • Birth certificates

It will cover any reasonable fees or travel and accommodation costs you have to pay to get copies while you are abroad.

Exclusions for weddings abroad

Before you buy a policy, check if there are any things not covered if you get married overseas.

For example, most insurers do not include third party liability cover if your wedding takes place in the USA or Canada.

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Do not forget travel insurance

The wedding party and any guests travelling with you will still need travel insurance to cover things like:

  • Medical expenses if you are ill or injured

  • Cancellation and delay of your flights

  • Baggage and personal money if lost or stolen

  • The cost of getting home if you are ill or injured

Wedding insurance does not cover your honeymoon, so if you are travelling elsewhere after your wedding make sure you get travel insurance for this too.

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