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Stretch your travel money even further and enjoy the best exchange rates or cut your costs with our extensive collection of travel money guides.

three travellers standing on a cliff

Travel money: the basics

Spending abroad is simple when you understand which currency to use and how to exchange your money, this guide gives you the basics to get you started.

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girl in city holding red umbrella

How much money do you need to go travelling?

Wherever you plan to go in the world you will need to work out how much money to take on your travels, here is what to consider before your trip.

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Happy couple shopping on holiday

Travel money: dealing with leftover currency

Being stuck with foreign cash after a trip overseas can leave you feeling short changed. Here is how to get the most out of your unspent currency.

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Travel money: how to get the best deal

A good deal on travel money means getting the best return for your pound sterling; this guide will show you how.

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What is the best way to spend abroad?

Spending money overseas can end up costing you a fortune in fees and charges, so find out what options you have and which is the cheapest for your trip.

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