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Compare execution only share dealing accounts and you could get a better deal with lower fees than on managed accounts. Execution only investment accounts best suits experts as no advice is given.

  • Compare platform fees and the price per trade
  • Find a share dealing platform that suits your needs
  • Invest in different companies or types of funds

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How to compare execution only share dealing accounts


Work out your needs

Execution-only share dealing accounts will give you full control of the account without receiving any investment advice.These accounts are suitable if you're an experienced investor.


Run a share dealing comparison

Have a look through the options to find the best execution only share dealing account. It's important to note that terms and fees can vary between providers, so pick a deal that offers suitable conditions for your investment needs.


Apply for the account

You may be able to get an execution-only share dealing account by applying online. Some lenders and brokers only ever operate digitally. Once you've decided on the provider you want, simply apply.

Execution only share dealing platform deals

Your investments are not guaranteed; they can decrease in value as well as increase and you may not get back the full amount you put in.

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What is execution online share dealing?

Execution only share dealing is a type of stock trading that lets you buy and sell shares without getting advice on which shares to buy or sell.

This is done through an execution only broker, who executes the trades that you decide to make without giving you any advice. This helps cut the cost of share dealing by avoiding the fees that come with advisory brokers.

How to start execution only share dealing

You need to open a share dealing account that offers an execution only option, then you can add money to it and start buying and selling shares.

Why use an execution only share dealing account?

If you are confident in your ability to buy and sell shares, then an execution only account could save you money.

An execution only share dealing account lets you buy and sell shares without getting any advice first, meaning you can avoid paying any advisory or management fees.

Execution-only pros and cons

The pros

  • Access to information and charts in real time
  • Buy or sell shares faster
  • Lower trade charges
  • No advisory costs

The cons

  • More risk involved
  • No advice provided
  • Charged per deal

What charges to look out for with execution only accounts

There are three main charges to look out for when choosing an execution only share dealing account:

Charge per trade

This is what you pay for each deal you make, whether you are buying or selling shares, e.g. £8 per trade.

Platform fees

This is what some brokers charge for using their platform, which can be taken monthly or annually, e.g. £50 per year.

Transfer fees

This is what some brokers charge when you transfer money out of your account, e.g. £25 per transfer.

Some share dealing companies offer a frequent trader rate, which reduces how much you pay for each deal you make. To qualify for this rate, you need to make more than a set amount of deals in the previous month.

The cost of each type of charge varies depending on the share dealing company you choose, so compare as many as possible to get the cheapest deal.

What other options do you have?

There are two more types of share dealing broker you could choose from:

  • Advisory: You get advice on which shares to buy and sell, but it is still your decision

  • Discretionary: You give authority to your broker to buy and sell shares on your behalf

Florence Codjoequotation mark
Execution only accounts can mean bring about higher risks. There’s a possibility that you could lose based on your choices, so don’t invest money that you can’t afford to lose.
Florence Codjoe, Personal Finance Editor

Do you have to pay tax on the shares you buy?

If your shares are held in an ISA, you will not need to pay tax on your profit or purchases. If they are in a different type of account, you may need to pay capital gains tax and stamp duty.

The amount of capital gains tax you pay when you sell your shares will depend on your income tax bracket and how much money you have made from the sale.

You can find out more about paying tax on share dealing profits here.

Execution only share dealing FAQs

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