How to manage your pet insurance policy

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Pet insurance is critical for any pet owner, but how do you make sure it’s valid when you need to claim? Here’s everything you need to know about managing your pet cover.

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Once you insure your pet, you need to keep your policy up to date or it could become invalid. This means checking that your details as well as those of your pets are all current and correct. Here is what you need to do to manage your pet insurance policy.

When to contact your insurer

Changes to your details

If any of your details change, you should let your insurer know as soon as possible. If your details are incorrect when you make a claim, it could be rejected.

You should update any changes to your name, address or contact details like your email or telephone number.

Check your policy or contact your insurer if you are unsure the details you have given are correct.

Changes to your pets’ details

You must also tell your insurer as soon as any of these things happen:

  • You are no longer the owner of the pet(s)

  • Complaints are made about your pet's behaviour

  • Your pet has caused an accident that could lead to legal action

  • Your pet has been used for monetary gain, for example, breeding or racing

  • Your pet has been neutered or spayed

Many insurers give you a set time to confirm these changes, typically 30 days. Your cover may become invalid if you do not tell them within this timeframe.

How to update your policy

You can contact your insurer to update your policy by:

  • Calling them

  • Writing to them

  • Completing an online form*

*Not all insurers offer this

Most insurers can change your details immediately over the phone. You can find your insurer's telephone number and address on your policy documents or via its website.

Have your policy number ready when you call because your insurer will need it to find your details.

Changing your cover

You can add extra benefits to your policy at any time. Most insurers offer extras like:

  • Accidental death

  • Advertising and reward

  • Third party liability*

  • Holiday cancellation

  • Overseas travel

*Dogs only

Many policies include these benefits as standard, but if they are not included most insurers let you add them to your cover for an extra fee.

If you added extra cover when you took out your policy that you no longer need, most insurers will let you remove it at any time and reduce what you pay accordingly.

You can also upgrade your policy to a higher level of cover, for example from an accident-only policy to lifetime cover. Here is more on the different levels of pet insurance and how to find the right one for you.

Find out what cover you can add to pet insurance.

How much will it cost?

Most insurers will not charge an administration fee to update your details, including making changes to your pets’ information.

However, the cost of your cover may be adjusted if the change affects your policy.

For example, if your pet is diagnosed with an ongoing medical condition, your insurer may increase your premium because they will be more likely to need vet treatment.

If you add extra cover or upgrade your policy, this will also increase how much you pay. For example, adding third party liability might add a small amount to the monthly or annual cost of your policy.

Claiming on your policy

If you need to make a claim on your policy, you need to:

  • Call your insurer on their claims number

  • Fill out a claims form

  • Return the form with all supporting documents

Here is more on what you need to do to make a successful pet insurance claim.

Cancelling your policy

You have 14 days from the day you receive your insurance documents to cancel your policy and receive a full refund of any premiums you have paid.

You will not get a refund if you have already made a claim on your policy, even if it is within the first 14 days. If you pay monthly, and you’ve made a claim, you will have to make the rest of your payments for the year before you can cancel.

If you cancel after 14 days and have not made a claim, you will receive a refund for any cover you haven’t used. For example, if you cancel a 12-month policy after five months you will receive a refund for the remaining seven months.

If you claim because your pet has died or been stolen, and you cancel your cover, you will receive a refund of any premiums you have not used.

If you want to find a new policy after you cancel your cover, you can compare pet insurance here.

Protect your pet with the best possible cover by comparing pet insurance deals. Find the right policy for your furry friend at the right price!

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