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These companies could offer cover for your Samsung Galaxy mobile and save you an expensive bill if it's lost, stolen or breaks.

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SO-SURE Mobile Phone Insurance
Policy details
Maximum cover: £2,000, Excess: from £25
Cover includes
Accidental damage, theft & loss
Galaxy S10
Monthly: £6.89 Yearly: £73.80
Galaxy S20
Monthly: £7.59 Yearly: £83.52
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Defaqto 5* rated & 4.3/5 on Trustpilot. Next working day replacement for loss & theft. 72 hr repair for breakdown & damage incl. unlimited cracked screens. Up to 80% no claims cash back. Get 1 month FREE when you pay yearly.

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How to find cover for your Samsung Galaxy

If you want to protect your Samsung Galaxy against loss or damage, it is important to get the right mobile phone insurance.

Get the right cover

Think about what you need from your mobile phone insurance and use our comparison to check:

  • Maximum cover: Newer Samsung Galaxy phones cost around £640, so make sure the maximum amount the policy will pay out is enough to repair or replace your phone.

  • Cover options: You can tailor most mobile phone policies to include things like accidental damage, liquid damage, loss and theft.

  • Claims limit: Some insurers offer unlimited claims, but you may be restricted to how many you can make within the policy term.

Do you need mobile phone insurance?

Check for exclusions

Some policies may not offer all the protection you want for your phone, so check if you can pay more for extra cover.

For example, some policies exclude loss of your mobile but let you add this to your cover for an added monthly cost.

Here is how mobile phone insurance works and a list of typical exclusions

Find the best price

The cost of your mobile phone insurance is made up of two key things, which usually affect each other:

  • Monthly cost: This is the amount you pay each month for your policy

  • Excess: This is the amount you have to pay towards each claim you make

Policies with a high excess usually have a cheaper monthly cost, but you have to pay more if you claim. On the other hand, you may pay more for a policy with a low excess, but then contribute less if you claim.

Think about how much you are prepared to pay for your insurance, and then use our comparison to choose a policy that offers what you want at the best price.

Other ways to get cover for your Samsung Galaxy

Home insurance

You could choose to cover your Samsung Galaxy as part of your contents insurance policy. This can be included when it is next time to renew your policy, or you could contact your provider to add mobile phone cover to your existing policy.

Adding personal possessions to your home insurance policy will usually mean you can choose cover for valuable items like laptops and jewellery, as well as your mobile phone. Some providers may cover these items when they are outside your home, or even when you are abroad.

By covering mobile phones through your home insurance, you may be left with worse cover than a dedicated policy. Be aware that you may need to pay a much higher excess when you claim, plus any claims you make could increase the cost of your home insurance in the future.

You can find out more about home insurance here.

Samsung Galaxy FAQs

Newer phones often cost more to insure because they are more expensive to replace. Use our comparison to find the best deal for your Samsung Galaxy.

Some insurers charge a higher excess based on the value of your phone. This means the more expensive your phone, the higher your excess.

Yes, but it may be a refurbished model or a different phone altogether, so check the terms of your cover.

Yes, most policies cover worldwide use for a set number of days. This could range from 30 to 180 days, so check the terms of cover before you buy.

Yes, and some insurers offer a discount for taking out multi device cover. Use our comparison to find multi mobile phone insurance.

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