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You could find mobile phone cover for the family with a multi phone policy and be rewarded with a discount.

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Switched On Insurance Mobile Phone Insurance
Maximum gadgets insured
10 mobile phones
Policy details
Maximum cover: £3,000, Excess: from £50
Cover options
Accidental damage, liquid damage, theft & loss
Monthly cost
From £7.66
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How to find the right multi device insurance

Multi mobile phone insurance lets you add several devices to one policy, giving you a discount on your premium each time you add a new phone.

For example, you could get a discount of 10% for insuring two phones on the same policy, which would then increase to 20% if you insured four, and so on.

A maximum cover limit applies to each mobile you have on your policy. For example, if the limit is £1,000, you can claim up to this amount for each insured device.

Why should you get multi device insurance?

You should compare multi mobile phone policies if:

  • You have more than one mobile phone

  • You have several smartphones, tablets and gadgets to insure

  • Your family all own smartphones

  • Your children have smartphones but are too young to take out their own insurance

While multi mobile phone insurance offers the convenience of covering your family's smartphones on one policy, it is important to get the right cover in place and check that you are saving money.

What cover do you need?

Think about what you need from a multi phone policy, including:

  • How many devices? Most insurers can cover an unlimited number of mobiles, but others limit how many you can add, for example 10. You may also be able to add things like tablets and laptops, so decide what you need cover for and look for a policy that offers this.

  • Which cover options? Check to see if policies provide cover for accidental damage, liquid damage, and automatic cover for loss or theft. It is not always included, and you may have to pay extra for the cover you need.

  • What excess? You could save on your premium with a higher excess, but it means you have to pay more to your insurer before they will pay your claims. Your excess may also change depending on your phone, for example iPhone claims usually have a higher excess.

Do you need mobile phone insurance?

Will you save money?

You could save money with multi mobile phone insurance, because lots of insurers offer discounts for covering several devices under one policy.

This discount usually increases as you add more devices, so the more mobiles you cover the bigger your saving. This could work out cheaper if you have a lot of gadgets to insure, or if your family all have their own smartphones.

It could still be cheaper to get separate policies for each mobile you need to insure, so check our mobile phone comparison to make sure you get the best deal.

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