Yes, but the premiums for a life insurance policy are likely to be more expensive.

If you do not declare that you have diabetes when you apply for life insurance, your insurer will not pay out if you die.

How to get the best cover

Before you get quotes, you need to decide what type of life insurance you want:

  • Level term: You get a fixed payout if you die during the term of the policy.

  • Decreasing term: You choose a payout, but it reduces each month until the end of the policy.

A decreasing term policy is usually cheaper than a level term policy because the payout drops through the term.

What else to consider

After choosing which type of life insurance you want, you need to decide:

  • What payout amount you want: The higher the payout you choose, the more expensive your premiums will be.

  • How long you want cover for: The longer the policy, the cheaper your premiums will be. Only choose a length of cover you need, e.g. the same length as your mortgage.

Get quotes for the cover you need and compare the cost of the premiums to find the best life insurance policy for diabetics.