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How we choose your business products

Everything you need to know about how we choose business products

How do we choose the business products?

We select the products that we think might be useful to you based on information you tell us. We consider the age and type of your business, number of employees and your place of business alongside other details you provide to present you with a selection of products we think could be helpful for your business.

Why have we chosen these specific products?

The products you see are selected from an overall panel of products we list. We use the information you provide alongside our panel of products to form the bundle you see. These products are hopefully useful for your type of business, but it's important that you consider your business' specific circumstances as well.

Who are our partners?

Our partners include a range of financial organisations and we work with them regularly to help you find the best deals.

We have a commercial agreement with these partners and this means we may get a small commission if you purchase one of their products.

The good news is the deal isn’t affected by this and there aren’t any hidden extra charges for you.

What does affiliated mean?

Affiliated products are products we have a commercial agreement with. If the table is sorted by 'affiliated products', our most promoted listings appear at the top of the table and our least promoted at the bottom.

You don't pay any extra and the deal you get isn't affected, although we may get a commission when you click through to a listing or go on to purchase it.

We measure popularity by how many unique clicks each listing has had in the last 30 days. In tables by sorted by 'most popular' the listings with the most unique clicks appears at the top of the table, and those with the fewest are at the bottom.

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