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  • 10 budget friendly honeymoon destinations

10 budget friendly honeymoon destinations

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From Bali to Bournemouth, there’s a honeymoon to suit every budget and here we look at the 10 most affordable honeymoon destinations.

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Ideas to help you have the best honeymoon for the least cash

A wedding is expensive, there’s no denying it, and can cost around £20,000 with everything thrown in. So, what comes next?

The honeymoon of course - if you’re planning on going on one. While it can be equally expensive, it really depends on where you go, the time of year, what you’re planning to do, and how long you’re away for. 

Going straight after your wedding is the traditional time but it’s more budget-friendly to wait and go at a later date, as it gives you more time to save up and you get to spread out the festivities.

Cutting costs doesn’t mean you’ll compromise on quality either, there are lots of cheap honeymoon ideas allowing you to have an unforgettable trip without ending up in the red. Here we look at how to budget for it and some cheap honeymoon destinations to consider.  

Whether it is snow or sun you seek, compare travel insurance policies to ensure your dream getaway is the only thing on your mind while on your holidays.

The best honeymoon destinations on a budget 

Your honeymoon is a celebration of your marriage and a chance for a holiday after all the stress of planning the big day.

But where do you go? The options are endless but if you’re on a budget and you don’t want to start married life in debt, it’s worth picking somewhere affordable where you can get the most for your money.

Here we look at 10 of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget. 

1. The Cotswolds 

There’s a lot of beauty in the UK and the chocolate box villages of The Cotswolds combined with the beautiful landscape of this part of the world making it a popular choice for honeymooners. 

Whether you’re having a short mini-moon before a longer break abroad, or spending your entire honeymoon here, you’re guaranteed to find romance and there are some financial benefits too.  

As it’s in the UK, your travel costs will be much lower so you’re not having to shell out for planes or boats or anything much more exciting than the train or a car. If going by rail, book in advance to get the cheapest price and avoid peak times. 

2. Bali 

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations, Bali offers a bit of everything - glorious beaches, dense rainforests, and a few active volcanoes, some of which you can climb up at sunrise. 

You can either choose to stay in one area, or travel around which is easy and cheap to do with a local taxi driver or public transport. It’s also very near to the idyllic Gili Islands if you want to extend your trip and visit them.  

When you get there, your money can go a long way and the cost of everything from meals out and day trips to travel within the country and accommodation is significantly cheaper than many other locations.

What you’ll have to factor into the price is the travel but booking early and comparing flight prices can make a big difference to the cost.   

3. Croatia 

It’s a lot cheaper and quicker to get to Croatia than some more traditional honeymoon locations such as Thailand, Bali or the Maldives and it’s full of beautiful scenery, a stunning coastline, and plenty of vineyards to discover. 

You can do it by boat, stopping off at some of the most popular areas along the way, or stay in one spot - Istria is popular as a honeymoon location.  

There’s something for everyone in Croatia, from cobblestone streets packed full of culture to an abundance of delicious food and drink options with many award-winning local wineries to discover.

It’s most famous for its spot on the Adriatic Sea but there’s a lot more to discover inland such as the nature park Cape Kamenjak on your trip.   

4. The Scottish Highlands 

We’re very used to staycations now but just because foreign travel is back it’s not time to forget about some of the stunning scenery the UK has to offer. 

The Highlands is a firm favourite for honeymooners, whatever time of year. Think romantic landscapes, white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and tackling some of the world’s most breath-taking mountains. 

As they are so remote, you’ll also get the feeling you’re the only ones there and depending on the time you go, it’s possible to avoid the crowds and enjoy this beautiful park of Scotland to yourselves. 

Travelling by train or plan (or driving) should be booked and planned in advance to get the best deal. It’s certainly cheaper than a long-haul flight but to keep costs down you’ll want to book in advance.   

Travel more, spend less

What you need to know to get as much holiday for your money as you possibly can - from where to go, how to get there, the best way to spend while away and your rights if anything goes wrong

5. Riviera Maya, Mexico

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to honeymoon destinations in Mexico. A new favourite with tourists - especially honeymooners - is Riviera Maya on the east coast of the country. 

It’s another beautiful spot, ideal for couples looking for somewhere to relax while taking in the white sand beaches and bright blue water of the Caribbean Sea and the town of Tulum is a popular place to stay. 

While not the very cheapest for everyday costs, you can expect to pay around £57.63 for a two-course meal with a bottle of wine, according to data from Post Office. 

6. Jersey, Channel Islands 

The Channel Islands are only 40-minutes away and you can often pick up budget flights from £100 return. There’s lots of islands to discover, for day trips or a longer stay, and it’s only a very short boat ride to France if you fancy it. 

But despite how close they are, the islands - especially the largest Jersey - offer something quite beautifully unique. From stunning beaches, picturesque landscapes and a wealth of culture to a never-ending list of restaurants to try and cocktail bars where you can watch the sunset. 

When it comes to accommodation, prices can be more expensive than you’d pay in the UK but book early and keep an eye on hotel discounts (often found in newsletters) to keep costs down.

7. Thailand 

Possibly one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, Thailand is a favourite with honeymooners for a reason. 

From the sandy white beaches and crystal-clear waters framed with dense green rainforests and mountains to the friendly and welcome locals and the unrivalled selection of delicious food on offer.  

Day-to-day costs are low - a meal at a good restaurant can be as little as £5 for a couple - so the most expensive part of the trip will be your travel bill. Book early and remember to compare airlines when booking to keep your costs down.

Spending abroad can be costly, so make sure you compare the market for the best exchange rates available on your travel money before jetting off.

8. Bulgaria  

There’s a lot to choose from if you visit Bulgaria, from its long, beautiful coastline and sunny beaches to the mountains and quaint cultural towns. It’s also not far - three hours on a flight from London - and it’s very budget friendly.  

In fact, according to Post Office, which compiles a holiday report of 36 popular countries comparing how much everyday holiday expenses are, it’s the second-cheapest place to visit this year. A three-course evening meal for two with a bottle of wine will set you back around £20.

9. Cape Town, South Africa 

If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination where you can pack a lot in, or just sit on a beach for two weeks, Cape Town is a good option. From beautiful beaches and mountains to friendly and welcoming people and of course not forgetting world-renowned vineyards to discover.  

Coming in at the fourth cheapest place for tourists, according to Post Office, Cape Town not only ticks the box of being a beautifully romantic destination, but your money will also go a long way here. To keep costs down on your flight costs, book in advance and always compare airlines to find the best deal for your dates. 

10. Sliema, Malta 

Malta has a lot to offer but the seaside town of Sliema on the east coast has become a popular option with honeymooners. 

It’s filled with an enchanting beauty and steeped in history with a long promenade stretching around five kilometres along the waterfront. It’s also a good base for travelling around the country and has endless options for sampling the area’s delicious local food. Expect to pay around £40 for an evening meal for two with a bottle of wine.

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