A good travel insurance policy will protect you against the cost of potential problems like cancellation, lost luggage, stolen property, illness and injury.

If you fall ill overseas the bill could run into the tens of thousands of pounds or more, so never travel without a good travel insurance policy in place.

Before you buy your policy you must make sure you get the right cover for your trip and look for a travel insurer you can trust.

Single trip or annual cover?

There are two main types of travel insurance you can choose between:

  • Single trip insurance: This covers you for one trip to just one location for a specific period of time

  • Annual insurance: Also known as multi trip policies, which cover you for every trip you make during a 12 month period

The best policy for you will depend on how often you travel. If you are only going on one holiday in the next year get a single trip policy, but if you travel more often an annual policy could be cheaper.

Declare your medical conditions

You must declare any pre-existing medical conditions when you apply for a policy.

If you do not you will be unable to claim if you fall ill as a result of your condition, for example if you have angina and suffer a heart attack while on holiday.

Do you need extra protection?

You may need to add extra cover for some activities that are not normally included as standard, like:

If you are going away for an extended time, like a gap year, you may need a specialist policy to cover you. You can find backpacker travel insurance policies here.