It is a buy to let mortgage deal that you can switch to when you existing deal ends. Switching to a new mortgage deal is known as remortgaging.

You may want to remortgage if you can switch into a lower interest rate, making your buy to let mortgage payments less each month until that deal ends.

How to get the best buy to let remortgage

This comparison shows remortgage deals you could switch to if you already have a buy to let mortgage.

To find the best remortgage deal, compare the initial rates offered above and choose the lowest for the term you want, but watch out for fees.

You can use this comparison to check if a mortgage deal has any fees and charges. If you want help deciding which is right for you, speak to a buy to let mortgage broker.

What buy to let rates could you get?

  • Fixed: This rate will not change during the initial rate period. This means you will pay the same each month until your deal ends.

  • Variable: This is the standard variable rate (SVR), and is set by the lender based on the Bank of England base rate and the cost of offering a mortgage.

  • Tracker: This type of rate stays above the Bank of England base rate. This means it could go up or down at any time during your mortgage deal.

  • Discounted: This is a fixed discount on the lender's SVR. If the SVR changes, so will the rate you pay.

  • Stepped: The rate you get increases over the term of the deal, e.g. a 3 year stepped deal starting on 1.5% could increase to 2% in the 2nd year and 2.5% in the 3rd.

If you do not have a mortgage yet...

You can find out how buy to let mortgages work here.

Alternatively, if you are ready to apply, use our buy to let mortgage comparison to find a deal that suits your circumstances.

Buy to let remortgages FAQ


Do I have to remortgage?


No, but if you have reached the end of your existing term, you could save money on your monthly repayments by switching deals or lenders.


Can I remortgage if I do not have any equity in the property?


Lenders will only let you remortgage if you have at least 20% equity in the property.


Can I apply for a buy to let remortgage deal online?


Yes, but depending on the lender you choose you may need to apply in a branch.


Does it cost anything to move my buy to let mortgage?


There are several charges you could face, from both your existing and new lender. Check with them before you apply so you are prepared.

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