Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, so if you lose or damage your phone it's easy to feel helpless without it.

According to research by Mintel, almost a quarter (24%) of smartphone owners in the UK have broken their screen at least once.

This is where mobile phone insurance can give you peace of mind. If something happens to your mobile phone, it is protected by the cover, so it won't cost you hundreds of pounds to repair it.

Whether you lose your phone, it gets stolen, or you crack its screen, mobile phone insurance can cover you if disaster strikes - even if the phone's warranty has ended.

How to find the best mobile phone insurance for you

The best phone insurance policy is one that covers what you need and is affordable.

If you're prone to dropping your phone, you can get accidental damage cover. If you travel regularly, it may be worth having a policy that includes overseas cover, just in case you damage or lose your phone while you're abroad.

Think about what you need from your mobile insurance, then compare mobile phone insurance providers that offer you the best deal for the coverage you want.

What to look for in a mobile phone insurance policy

Explore what the insurers offer in their policies and compare different options.

  • Cover: You may only need accidental damage cover, or perhaps you want loss and theft cover too. Look for policies that offer the right protection for you.

  • Value: Think about how much your mobile phone is worth, and choose a policy that offers enough cover to replace it if the worst happens.

  • Excess: This is how much you pay each time you make a claim, so think about how much you are prepared to contribute. This can range from 50 to 100, or you can opt for a more expensive option that has no excess to pay.

You can find more about what you should look for in this guide to mobile phone insurance.

What mobile phone insurance covers:

Phone insurance can cover you for several different circumstances. Some of these include:

  • Loss of phone: If you lose your phone, or it gets stolen, loss and theft cover could replace it with a similar model.

  • A cracked screen: Accidental damage cover means you don't pay to repair or replace a cracked phone screen, even if it's been dropped in water or on the floor.

  • Damage abroad: If you travel out of the country regularly, overseas cover is a feature that covers you if you lose or damage your phone.


Most mobile phone insurance providers have clauses written into their policy documents that say they won't offer cover for things like:

  • Theft due to negligence (e.g. leaving your phone in the car in clear sigh)

  • Intentional damage

  • Manufacturer's defects

  • Dents and scratches (e.g due to everyday wear and tear)

  • Lost SIM

  • Older phones (more than six months)

How to find cheap phone insurance deals

Let's face it, mobile phones these days can cost a lot of money. For example, the latest iPhones can cost 1000. But that doesn't mean your phone insurance should too.

Although it's important to choose the best cover instead of the cheapest deals, there are ways to reduce the cost of your mobile phone insurance.

  1. 1.

    Multi-gadget discount: Some insurers offer a discount for taking out multi-gadget insurance, so consider insuring your family's phones under one policy.

  2. 2.

    Annual payment: Lots of insurance companies charge less if you pay for your policy in full, rather than paying in monthly instalments.

  3. 3.

    Higher excess: A higher excess could save you money on your premium, although it will be deducted from any claims you make so make sure you can afford it.

Use this comparison to look for mobile phone insurance deals and find the cover you need.

What you can do to make sure your phone gets insured?

When taking out insurance for you mobile phone, make sure you can provide the following information to the insurer.

  • Proof of purchase from a manufacturer, network provider or mobile phone retailer

  • How old your device is

  • The condition of your phone

Be accurate with the information you provide, as the insurer may not pay out if you make a claim with incorrect information.

Can I insure different devices?

If you want to insure multiple devices, such as your mobile phone, tablet and laptop, or all the phones in your family you can consider gadget insurance.

Most insurers offer a discount when you add more than one gadget to your policy. For example, if you have two gadgets you could get a 10% discount on iPhone insurance.

You can add the following devices to one gadget insurance policy:

Think about getting a multi device insurance policy if you have several gadgets, or if you need to insure your family's devices.

Mobile phone insurance FAQs


Can I cover my mobile phone on my home insurance policy?


Yes, but it may be more expensive if you need to claim. You can find out more about home insurance mobile cover here.


Can I get cover for my children's mobile phones?


Yes, if they are over 16 they can buy their own insurance, or you can add their phones to a multi device policy. Compare multi phone insurance here.


How do I claim on my mobile phone insurance?


You should contact your insurer as soon as possible if you need to make a claim. Here is how to make a claim on your mobile phone insurance.


Can I cover a second hand mobile phone?


No, you can only insure mobiles that are less than two years old. Most insurers specify a maximum device age, so check the terms before you buy.


Can I get a no claims bonus?


Yes, most insurers offer a discount at renewal if you do not claim on your insurance. Check with your insurer for full details of any discounts offered.

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