Retirement guides

Scrutinise your retirement plans with the aid of our guides and ensure your finances are in tip-top condition for when you take a step back from work, so you can enjoy your retirement in full.

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How Is My Pension Taxed When You Retire?

Pension taxation seems complicated, but knowing the rules is crucial so you don’t overpay. This guide explains everything you need to know.

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How does the State Pension work?

Not everyone gets a state pension in the UK, and payouts vary heavily from person to person, even for those who qualify. Here is how the state pension works, what it could pay you and when you can claim it.

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The flat rate state pension: FAQ

Plans for the new flat rate state pension have now been set out. Here is what it means for you, whenever you are set to retire.

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How to choose an annuity

If you want your pension fund to pay you a regular income when you retire then an annuity could be for you. Here is how each type of annuity works and what options you have.

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Tracing your pension

Our pensions experts have curated a list of actions for anyone looking to take control of their miscellaneous pension pots.

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