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Celebrity Chef Credit Report

There was once a time when fame and wealth were the exclusive domain of actors, singers and sports stars, but in recent years, the money has been spreading into the kitchen, too.

A graphic which reads: Celebrity Chef Credit Report, Revealing the world’s most successful celebrity chefs

As the world’s culinary experts consolidate their traditional TV slots and expand their brands onto Instagram and beyond, it’s fair to say that the top cooks are seeing their bank balances benefit from their exploits beyond the kitchen.

From Nigella to Jamie, our personal finance experts have crunched the numbers to reveal which celebrity chefs are the most successful. 

Taking a seed list of the top ranking UK*, European** and foodie influencers***, we've used a weighted ranking system to assigned a score to each chef in the report, revealing the most successful celebrity chefs.

The success factors:

  • Net worth

  • Number of published cookbooks

  • Michelin Stars

  • Social media influence

  • TV appearances 

  • TV career length

The 25 most successful celebrity chefs in the UK

Sitting proudly at the top of the list is Gordon Ramsay, who takes the number one spot as the most successful chef in the Celebrity Chef Credit Report, scoring 98.5 out of 120. 

Despite his fearsome reputation, few can argue against the relentless work ethic the 53-year-old applies to his culinary pursuits and business dealings. 

To date, Ramsay’s restaurants have been awarded an extraordinary 16 Michelin Stars in total (7 of which have been retained). In addition to his incredible success in the kitchen, Gordon Ramsay has captured TV audiences across the world, thanks to appearing in 32 TV shows and featuring in around 640 episodes. With his fiery personality and exceptional skills in the kitchen, it’s no surprise that the chef is estimated to be worth over £171 million. 

Essex cheeky chappie Jamie Oliver takes the second position, scoring 93 out of 120. With an impressive career spanning over 21 years the chef has made his fortune from a series of successful cookbooks and TV shows earning him over £233 million - topping the earnings of Gordon Ramsay. 

Despite his significant earnings, Oliver scored slightly less than Ramsay due to his lack of Michelin stars and lower social media presence. 

In third place is chef and funny man Gino D'Acampo, scoring 66 out of 120. D'Acampo rose to fame in the UK with his Italian inspired recipes and dishes, regularly appearing on ITV’s This Morning and Celebrity Juice. 

The charismatic chef has 12 cookbooks to his name, 37 restaurants and a TV career spanning over 18 years, resulting in a whopping £7,787,500 fortune. His restaurants are also moderately priced with the most expensive main course on the menu costing £29.50. 

Top 10 most successful celebrity chefs in Europe

Taking our study into Europe, Massimo Bottura takes the top spot as the most successful European chef, scoring 60.5 out of 120. As the chef behind the hugely successful restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, Bottura is a force in a culinary revolution. 

With 15 cookbooks, six restaurants, four Michelin stars - Bottura is estimated to be worth an impressive £183,094,375.

Raymond Blanc takes the second position in our study, scoring 54.5 out of 120. Blanc is the chef patron at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons that boasts two Michelin stars. The restaurant's seven course set menu will set you back £194.00. He also has 30 cookbook releases to his name and has appeared in 25 TV shows spanning over 30 years.  

In third place is two Michelin starred chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, scoring 53 out of 120. 

Cannavacciuolo combines the dishes of north and south Italy at his restaurant Villa Crespi. He is one of Italy’s most well known chefs, thanks to his seven year television career.

With eight cookbooks released and an avid social media following of 2.8 million it is no surprise Cannavacciuolo has racked up a £4,908,992 net worth. 

Top foodie influencers around the world

Following food bloggers and influencers on social media can inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and our study ranks the top 15 around the globe. 

Taking the top spot for the most successful food influencer is Rosanna Pansino, scoring 35 out of 50. Pansino started the cooking series Nerdy Nummies, which has become one of the most well-known baking shows on YouTube. The channel mostly features baking creations resembling characters and objects from video games, television shows, anime/manga, books, and films.

With two cookbooks and over 300 TV cooking show appearances, Pansino has an impressive 4.5m followers on Instagram. 

A relative newcomer to the celebrity chef scene, David Chang takes second position in our foodie influencer ranking, scoring 24.5 out of 50. He has slowly been making waves with his Momofuku restaurant empire, gaining two Michelin stars in 2009 and expanding his brand around the globe ever since.

In third position is Yolanda Gampp from Canada, a self taught baker and cake designer, scoring 22.5 out of 50. She has released one book so far and has an army of fans on Instagram and Youtube with 2.8 million followers and 4.3 million YouTube subscribers all tuning in to her baking delights. 

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Methodology and Sources: 

Taking a seed list of the top ranking UK*, European** and foodie influencers***, the report discovers which celebrity chef is the most successful, by scoring each chef on the following six factors:

  1. Net worth (Via Celebrity Net Worth & Wealthy Gorilla)

  2. Number of published cookbooks (via Goodreads)

  3. Michelin Stars (via Michelin Guide)

  4. Social media influence (via Instagram)

  5. TV appearances (via IMDB)

  6. TV career length (via IMDB)

Using a weighted ranking system, the study then assigned a score to each celebrity chef in the index, revealing the most successful UK and European celebrity chef plus the most successful food influencer.