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Discover a range of research articles and personal finance resources from the team at money.co.uk

couple on wedding day

Most popular dates to get married

It seems like there are more weddings than ever before in 2022, as thousands of couples who were forced to postpone their weddings finally get to tie the knot. But which days are the most common?

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World's most loved theatres

money.co.uk has conducted research to find the most love threatres in the world right now.

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Meta image for weddings trends page. Image shows 2 wedding rings next to text 'Wedding trends report 2022.

We have delved into Google search volumes to reveal the top wedding trends for the season ahead.

The biggest Wedding Trends predicted by Google. 1= Pet at wedding; 1= Multi-coloured wedding; 1= In-season wedding flowers 4. Rent bridesmaid dresses 5. Daisy Bouquet

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Young beautiful blond guy is behind a window of luxury jewellery shop. Boyfriend in love is searching a present for his love, expensive gold ring with diamond is perfect gift for anniversary celebration

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

It can be difficult to know how much an engagement ring should cost. Our guide will help you decide how much you can spend and where to choose your engagement ring. Discover how much you can afford to spend on an engagement ring with our new calculator

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Tax-free shopping

Tax-free shopping is a great way to pick up luxury items for less. Now that the UK has officially left the European Union, Brits can benefit more than ever before.

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Luxury on a budget

Travelling in the lap of luxury may be a pipedream for many of us. However, if you do want to treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime, where the most affordable luxury destinations to do so?

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Cashless Countries Europe Edition

Following the contact-free payment increase during the coronavirus pandemic, plus the recent announcement that old-school £20 and £50 notes will be obsolete by September 30th 2022, bank notes and coins are continuing to be phased out

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Michelin star guide

For over a century, the Michelin Guide has been the gold standard when it comes to fine dining excellence. But which Michelin star holding restaurants are the best of the best, and which offer the best value for money?

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The ultimate cheap city break

Our travel finance experts have created the ultimate city break index, revealing the cheapest city breaks in Europe. Top ten includes: Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Berlin, Porto, Naples, Athens, Valencia, Bologna, Lisbon, Antwerp.

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Meta for National Price Hike Day 2021

National price hike day

National Price Hike Day is the day Brits will be hit with a raft of inflation-busting price hikes and many of those day-to-day activities will now cost people more.

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People in a movie theatre.

Movie superfan costs

A new study reveals the film franchises that cost the most for super fans around the world.

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Highest-rated destinations according to travellers

We all have our own travel bucket lists that we’ve been adding to over the years. Planning and saving up for the But which are the highest-rated destinations according to travellers?

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The world's best airports revealed

As airports start to welcome travellers back through their gates, our travel experts reveal the best airports for holidaymakers?

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Global event effect

Renting out property on a platform such as Airbnb can be a very shrewd source of income, but lots of factors affect just how much money can be made.

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someone using phone in supermarket

Weekly shop index

The bare food essentials such as fruit, vegetables and dairy are part of our weekly grocery shopping lists right around the world, but how does the cost of these necessary items vary from one country to another?

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The price of love

Whether it’s dating app subscriptions or the cost of the dates themselves, love doesn’t always come free, so our personal finance experts looked at how much a singleton can expect to pay in the search for that special someone.

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Natural Beauty Report

The world can be a remarkable place and is home to some truly breathtaking sights and scenic landscapes. But which countries around the world can claim the most of these natural wonders?

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Image of keyboard and padlocks to symoblise data/cyber security.

2021 Fraud Report

As a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen an evolution in fraud attacks over the past two years, as criminals explore new and sophisticated ways to target potential victims. Our personal finance experts have dug into the latest police figures to reveal the full impact of fraud and cybercrime in 2021.

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The Real Cost of Childcare Around the World

The real cost of childcare around the world

Money.co.uk reveals the cost of childcare around the world.

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Image of a white dog with writing 'most popular dog breeds over time'.

The most popular dog breeds over time

The popularity of different dog breeds changes from year to year, from Pugs to Labradors. Find out which dog breed comes out on top in our lastest study.

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Image of beauty products for title page

The Beauty Index 2022

When it comes to skincare or cosmetics there is a wealth of options available, from household names to boutique style start-ups but what products are our favourites?

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Image containing shelves of alcohol in a bar

The best value celebrity-owned alcohol

With so many famous faces creating their own line of alcohol, the personal finance experts at money.co.uk have revealed which one is the best value.

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