Home emergency cover offers immediate professional help if something goes wrong in your home.

Your provider will send a registered tradesperson to fix your problem as soon as possible.

It only covers your buildings and contents in an emergency, including:

  • If your home is unsafe or at risk from theft, e.g. from a smashed window

  • Damage to your home that impacts your health and wellbeing, e.g. broken heating

  • Damage that could become permanent if not fixed straight away, e.g. a burst pipe

How to find the best policy

Think about what you want it to cover:

  • Heating system: This covers your boiler if it breaks down and also protects things like your radiators. If you only want heating cover, consider boiler cover instead.

  • Plumbing and drainage: This covers things like burst pipes, and can protect your toilet, shower and stopcock.

  • Home security: This covers damage to your doors, locks or windows that leaves your home at risk from theft.

  • Electrics: This covers any electrical failures that mean your home cannot be lived in, for example if your mains electric fails.

Some policies also cover damage to your roof, and pest infestations if they pose a threat to your home or health.

Work out what cover you need for your home. This comparison shows what cover options each policy offers, and how much cover you can get for each claim.

Do you need it?

Check your home insurance policy to see if home emergency is included.

If you do have home emergency, check what cover you are getting because you may be able get a better standalone policy.