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Man frustrated with bad internet connection

How to fix internet connection problems

There's nothing more frustrating than an internet connection that won't get going. Our guide covers the most common problems and how to fix them so you can get a consistent connection once and for all.

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Belfast skyline

Broadband in Northern Ireland

How does broadband work in Northern Ireland compared to the rest of the UK? Are the same deals available at the same speeds? Our guide has all the answers you need.

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Elderly woman on laptop

Broadband for the elderly

As the group who find it hardest to get online, how easy is it for pensioners to get a broadband deal that works for them? Our guide has all the answers you're looking for.

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EE broadband logo

EE broadband review

Though it is known primarily as a mobile network, EE also provides home broadband services to UK customers - find out more about it by reading EE broadband reviews here.

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Direct Save broadband logo

Direct Save broadband review

Direct Save broadband isn't necessarily the first choice that comes to mind for broadband customers, but it's definitely up there. Read Direct Save broadband reviews to find out more about its service and deas.

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Gigaclear broadband logo

Gigaclear broadband review

Gigaclear broadband reviews should help customers decide whether it could be the provider for them. Find them here.

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An image of the SSE logo

SSE broadband review

Discover all you need to know about SSE's new broadband packages, including their range of broadband & phone deals, average SSE broadband speeds, and how to get their products installed.

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People in a shared house using broadband

Broadband for rented homes and shared houses

Broadband in rented or shared houses can be a bit more complicated to set up than broadband in your own home. Find out how to sort broadband in rented homes in our comprehensive guide.

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Man using postcode broadband checker on laptop

Why use a postcode broadband checker?

When you're looking for a new broadband deal, postcode broadband checkers are one of the more important resources you can call on to help make your decision. Find out why you should be consulting them in this guide.

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Woman using WiFi hotspot in cafe

Free Wi-Fi hotspots and where to find them

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are always useful, especially if you're somewhere without decent 3G or 4G. This guide tells you what you'll need to log in, where the most likely hotspot locations are and more.

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Onestream broadband logo

Onestream broadband review

Without having had a great deal of time on the market, is Onestream broadband meeting customers' needs? Our reviews guide has the answers.

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Post Office logo

Post Office broadband review

How good is the Post Office's broadband? Our guide rounds up some of the most recent reviews so you can judge for yourself.

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