Hannah MaundrellFormer Editor in Chief

Hannah Maundrell is the former Editor in Chief of

During her time here she wrote extensively on consumer issues, personal finances and more - becoming a frequent expert commentator on the BBC news channels and radio, the national press and other media.

What is the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and how can you find a list of banks covered by FSCS?

The FSCS can protect your savings if your bank or building society goes bust. Here is how the scheme works, how to protect your savings and a list of banks covered by FSCS.

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Young couple moving into new house

Guide to buying a house

Buying a house is complicated, often stressful, but extremely satisfying if you get it right. Knowing what to expect and how to go about it the right way is crucial. Follow our guide on how to buy a house and find out what you need to know in these easy(ish) steps.

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Woman with shopping bags walks buy homeless man

How the lives of 10 lottery millionaires went disastrously wrong

Every week, millions of people buy lottery tickets in the hope that this week, finally, it will be their turn to win big. But is being a lottery millionaire all it is made out to be? Not according to this sorry bunch...

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Your rights if a retailer goes into administration

Companies going into administration has become commonplace, so where does this leave you? Here is what happens if a company you make a purchase from goes out of business.

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Should I buy a house with friends?

Buying a house is still out of reach for many first time buyers. Sharing the costs with friends or family can seem like a good idea, but what do you need to know before you take the plunge?

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Reclaim Your Bank Charges Letter Template

Remember to remove all the unwanted text before sending the letter.

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Annoyed man looking at bills

Can you reclaim your mortgage exit fees?

Thanks to an FSA ruling, mortgage customers can now ask their lender to refund a portion of their mortgage exit fees if the amount they had to pay was greater than the fee stated in their original contract. We explain how to make a claim.

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Your tax credit renewal questions answered

When the time comes to renew your tax credits, you need to make sure HMRC have their facts straight or you could get caught out. Here is what you need to do and why.

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Can buying a repossessed property save you money?

If you can put aside the emotive mental images conjured up by the words 'repossessed property', then there are some real bargains to be had. You just need to know where to look and how to go about buying.

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Should I use my mortgage to pay off other debts?

Consolidating credit cards and loan debts into your mortgage can seem a no-brainer - after all, given the size of the debt, mortgage payments can seem low. However, it is not necessarily the win-win strategy it seems - we explain.

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How to complain about bad service - Letter template

Remember to delete the appropriate information before sending the letter.

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