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Catherine is the expert on mobile phones and smart tech here at, keeping all our guides bang up to date with the latest handsets and filling our pages with helpful money-saving tips.

Technician repairing phone

Third-party phone repairs

Breaking your phone is always a headache and it's important that you get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. It can be quicker to get a third party to repair your phone rather than sending it back to the manufacturer, but is it the best option?

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Woman receiving end-of-contract notification on laptop

End-of-contract notifications: everything you need to know

End-of-contract notifications might be self-explanatory, but as they've only been in operation since February 2020, you might need a bit of a primer on them. Our guide contains everything you need to know.

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Kids using mobile phones and tablets

What are the best mobile networks for kids and teens?

While phones are necessary part of everyone's lives, including children, parents clearly need to be able to monitor their usage and make sure they're being responsible with their phone. But what are the best mobile networks for kids and teens to be on?

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Person choosing mobile phone in shop

How to choose a mobile phone

It's one of the most complicated decisions people tend to have to make - with all the models and networks on the market, how are you supposed to choose a mobile phone? We answer this question in our guide.

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Closeup of iPhone

Which iPhone should I get?

iPhones are top-of-the-range smartphones, but there are a lot of options. Which should you go for? Find out how to narrow the options down in our guide.

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Woman using phone on holiday in pool

Vodafone international roaming FAQs

If you're going away and you're with Vodafone, you'll need to know how roaming charges affect you. Find out the answers to your questions in our Vodafone international roaming FAQs guide here.

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Woman using phone on beach holiday

Tesco Mobile international roaming FAQs

If you're with Tesco Mobile and planning a trip away, you'll need to be clued up about your roaming situation. Our Tesco Mobile international roaming FAQs and answers are here.

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Woman listening to music on phone

Which mobile network has the best perks?

It shouldn't be the first thing you think about when choosing a new mobile phone deal, but the perks offered by networks might help swing the deal one way or the other. Find out which networks have the best perks here.

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Grandmother FaceTiming grandchildren

What is Wi-Fi calling?

When you don't have any phone signal, Wi-Fi calling can be a lifesaver. Find out how in our guide.

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Girl texting

What is Text to Switch?

Text to Switch is a great way to switch mobile network easily without having to go through multiple people to do so. Find out how in our guide.

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Man using data on mobile phone

What is data rollover and which networks offer it?

Having leftover data at the end of the month is great as long as you can use it moving forward. Find out which networks offer data rollover features in their plans by reading our guide.

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Mobile phone tethered to computer

What is tethering?

You might have heard of tethering your mobile phone but, in case you weren't sure what it meant and didn't want to ask, our guide has the answers.

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