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Ben Gallizzi

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About the Author

Ben is Money.co.uk’s energy expert. Since 2018, he’s written about a range of energy topics for Money.co.uk, Uswitch and SaveOnEnergy, including covering industry news and ensuring consumers can access up-to-date information to help them save money on their gas and electricity.

A picture of a toilet flush and text reading Powered by poo?

Powered by poo

The energy experts at money.co.uk reveal the weird and wonderful alternative energy sources that could soon be powering our homes soon.

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The Green Degree

The Green Degree

The energy experts at money.co.uk spoke with Universities across the UK to reveal which are leading the way with renewable energy initiatives with the aim of switching to greener energy plans or even achieving net zero in the near future.

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heatwave woman fanning herself sweating

Top 10 heatwave hacks on a budget

The heatwave has arrived in the UK, and managing to stay cool can be difficult and costly. The experts at money.co.uk have provided some simple budget friendly hacks to help stay chilled this summer.

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Woman checking calendar

When is the best time to switch my energy deal?

We all (hopefully) know why we should switch our energy deal, but is there an optimal time to do so? Read our guide to find out.

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Woman using thermostat

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Part of a plethora of measures designed to help people save money on their energy, the Renewable Heat Incentive is always a popular option. Find out more about it in our guide.

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Festive calories around the world - an energy expert's guide to holiday treats

'tis the season to treat yourself but which holiday treats from around the world have the most calories? This new guide reveals a list of the healthiest and the most calorific Christmas puddings.

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Woman complaining on phone

How to make an energy supplier complaint

It's not nice to make an energy supplier complaint, but sometimes you'll have no choice. In the event that you need to do so, this guide tells you what to do and who to speak to.

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Close-up of electricity meter

A complete guide to fixed price energy tariffs

Fixed price energy tariffs are a popular option among energy customers looking to ensure that their fees won't be unexpectedly raised. This guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of signing up to one, among other subjects.

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Woman doing paperwork at home

How to manage your energy service

You may need to contact your energy supplier from time to time to make changes to your account. Here is everything you need to know about managing your gas and electricity.

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Person using thermostat

What to do if you're worried about the cost of your heating

If you're worried about falling temperatures, snow and freezing fog this winter most of us reach to turn up the thermostat. But if you spend the winter with your heating on high, your energy bill may leave you feeling cold.

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