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Lyrical decades | The most popular words in global No.1 songs of the past century

Discover the most popular words used in chart topping songs throughout history with a new interactive tool from our broadband experts.

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How to speed up your broadband

If you're struggling with the speed of your broadband connection, there may be ways in which you can speed it up, especially inside your home. Find out what you might be able to do here.

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How to keep your internet connection secure

Internet security is vital given the amount of personal information we transmit on a daily basis. Hopefully you already have a fairly good idea how to stay secure online, but if you're looking to top up your know-how, our guide should be able to help.

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How to set up parental controls for broadband

Parenting is full of challenges, not least when it comes to ensuring children's safety when they're online. One way of combatting the threats being online can pose is to set up parental controls for broadband - find out how here.

Franchise Flops: Which are the movies and games in our favourite franchises that didn’t live up to expectations?

Franchise Flops

Which are the movies and games in our favourite franchises that didn’t live up to expectations? analysed the world's most loved franchises from movies and games to see where each one flopped.

What is superfast broadband?

We all want fast broadband, but should we be looking at even faster broadband instead? All your questions about superfast broadband and whether it's worth your consideration are answered in our guide.

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Excellent episodes extravaganza: Every Drag Race episode ranked

After twelve successful years of RuPaul's Drag Race, the broadband experts have analysed every episode rating in Drag Race herstory, to reveal the best and worst episodes and seasons since the franchise began.

Battle of the originals

Battle of the originals investigates to find out which of the UK's streaming services and broadcasters produce the most gender-balanced shows.

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BT broadband review

BT broadband is popular, but is it any good? Our guide rounds up the prevailing BT broadband reviews to help you decide if it's worth signing up for or not.

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italk broadband review

Having been in business for over a decade, italk knows a bit about broadband, but is it the right provider for you? Read about what sort of reviews it's been getting in our guide.

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John Lewis broadband review

John Lewis often gets good reviews for its retail service, but what about its broadband? Our review has the answers you're looking for.

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POP Telecom broadband review

POP Telecom is one of the smaller broadband providers, but big doesn't always mean best. Read some of its reviews here to see if it might meet your needs.