Alison Hunt

Alison HuntFinancial Content Writer

Alison is a freelance financial writer. She has been writing and editing personal finance and investing articles for the past 15 years, specialising in savings, mortgages, pensions and insurance.

Previous roles include writing and editing for The Motley Fool UK and and she has contributed to, Bankrate UK, USwitch and JP Morgan UK as well as numerous magazines and national newspapers.

She is currently studying for her Level 4 Diploma to become a qualified Financial Adviser.

Senior husband and wife sit at table at home look at laptop screen

What is the easiest personal loan to get approved for

If you’re looking for a personal loan but are concerned about whether you’ll be accepted, our guide can help you learn what lenders are looking for and how to find the easiest to be approved for.

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Can you use a 0% card for spending - happy couple shopping

Can you use a 0% card for spending

0% credit cards charge no interest on purchases for a set period – so if you have a large purchase to make, they can really help. Find out more about how a 0% card can save you money

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Best way to get airmiles with a credit card - happy man in airport

Best way to get air miles with a credit card

If you’re considering a trip abroad, using the right credit card for your everyday spending throughout the year could make it better. It could give you an upgrade on the plane, discounted flights or even a hotel stay for you and your family. Find out how a credit card with air miles could benefit you

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