You can use this comparison to find mortgages that may accept first time buyers.

What mortgages can you get?

Some lenders will only give you a mortgage if you already own your own home, but the mortgages in this comparison do not exclude first time buyers.

Many of these mortgage deals are designed for first time buyers so may accept you.

Here are all the types of mortgage you can get for your first property and the schemes that can help you get on the property ladder.

How to choose your first mortgage

Find the best mortgage for you by deciding on the following before you apply:

Save a deposit

Saving a larger deposit should increase your chances of getting accepted for a mortgage and could help you get a cheaper deal.

It will also increase the number of mortgages available because each mortgage comes with a maximum loan to value (LTV). This is the percentage of the property's value the mortgage can cover, and your deposit will have to cover the rest. For example, if a mortgage has an LTV of 90%, you will need a 10% deposit.

Here is how to save up a mortgage deposit.

If you have a small deposit or have not saved one at all, here is how to get a mortgage and what help is available.

Make sure you will be accepted

Lenders will make sure you can afford a mortgage before they accept your application. If you apply for a mortgage you cannot afford, you could be rejected and damage your credit record.

Find out if you can afford a mortgage and what lenders check when you apply.

First time buyer mortgage FAQs


Do I need to save a deposit?


Most mortgages need at least a 5% deposit, but some are available alongside government schemes to help you get on the property ladder.


How can I save a deposit?


Here is how to save up for a deposit. Saving more makes it more likely you will be accepted and could help you get a cheaper mortgage.


Does my credit record matter?


Yes, it will show lenders if you can keep up with repayments on a mortgage. Here is why your credit record matters.


Can I get a mortgage with someone else?


Yes, and getting a joint mortgage means you could borrow more and make the repayments easier to afford. Here is how joint mortgages work.


Can I afford a mortgage?


You can check if you can afford one by working out how much you earn and spend. Compare this to how much buying a home will cost you.