You can make a large purchase and pay it off interest free over several months with a 0% purchases card.

Some of the longest 0% deals last for more than two years, and if you pay off the balance before it ends you will pay no interest at all.

How to choose the best credit card for purchases

Our comparison will help you choose a 0% period that will give you enough time to pay off the balance.

You can select how much you want to borrow and either:

  • How much you will pay back each month

  • How long you need to repay the balance

We will then show you how much each deal could cost.

Do you need to make any repayments?

Yes, you will still need to make at least the minimum payment each month even though your card will not charge any interest during the 0% period.

If you fail to pay this amount you will be charged around 12 and the 0% deal could be withdrawn, meaning you will be charged expensive interest every month.

Does the interest rate matter?

Yes, you will pay interest on your spending if:

  • You keep using the card once it is no longer interest free

  • You still have an outstanding balance on the card when the interest free period ends

If you want to keep the card after the 0% period ends, make sure you choose one with a low APR so you can pay it off as cheaply as possible.

Alternatively, you could move what you owe to a new card that offers 0% balance transfers to give yourself more time to pay it off interest free.

0% purchases credit card FAQs


How long will it take to get a card?


It usually takes around ten days for your card to arrive once you have applied. Here is how long it can take and how to speed up the process.


Does my credit record matter?


Yes, looking at it helps lenders decide whether to accept you as well as what APR and credit limit they offer you.


What is a credit limit?


The maximum you can owe on your card at any point, set by the provider after you apply. Here is how they work and how much it costs if you exceed it.


How do I repay my credit card?


Paying the full amount by direct debit means you never miss a payment or pay interest. Here are all the ways to repay.


What are minimum payments?


Your provider will set minimum amount you have to pay back each month, otherwise you will be charged around 12.


How do I make a balance transfer?


You can transfer what you owe on a credit card to a new deal with a better interest rate for up to a few years interest free - here is how