Yes, you could still get a mortgage if you are over 65. But lenders usually set limits for how old you can be when:

  • You take out the mortgage (usually 65 but sometimes higher)

  • You finish paying it back (usually 70 or more)

This is because you are more likely to have retired or to retire soon if you are over 65. This means your income is likely to fall, which could make it harder for you to afford a mortgage.

Can you get one?

Some mortgages have higher age limits than others, so you could find one that accepts you if you compare deals from a large range of lenders.

You can also boost your chances of getting a mortgage as an older borrower if:

  • Your income from your job or pension makes the repayments affordable

  • You have a large deposit or equity in your home

Compare mortgages that could accept you

You can find one using this comparison, which only includes mortgages that allow over 65s to apply for them.

It shows the maximum age you can be when you apply for each deal. Use this to work out which mortgages you are eligible for.

You also need to check the term you could take out each mortgage over. For example, if you are 65 and a lender only offers mortgages that must be paid off before you are 70, you could only get a short term of five years.

Most lenders do not offer first time buyer mortgages for over 65s, but you could get one to move house or get a cheaper remortgage deal.

Choose the best deal

There are several kinds of mortgages and interest rates you can get if you are over 65. There are also deals aimed at different types of buyers.

If you need help choosing the best one or finding lenders that accept over 65 year olds, you can get expert mortgage advice from a broker.

Mortgage for over 65s FAQs


Can I get a mortgage at 65?


Yes, but some lenders do not let you apply if you are over 65. You may need to take it out over a shorter term too.


How can I improve my chances?


By showing lenders your income is enough to afford the monthly payments. Your salary, investments and pension all count towards your total income.


What is equity release?


It allows you to get a lump sum or monthly income in return for a share in the ownership of your house. Here is how equity release works.


Could I get a buy to let mortgage?


Yes, some lenders offer buy to let mortgages to borrowers over 65. You can compare buy to let mortgages here.


Could I get an interest only mortgage?


Yes, some lenders offer interest only mortgages for over 65s. You can compare interest only mortgages here.


Who sets the age limit on mortgages?


Lenders choose the maximum age you can take out their mortgages. Regulators like the FCA and CMA do not impose age limits.